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6/4/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 06/04/2024 - 6:12am

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National Security News Content:

1.  Reflections on America’s Military Recruiting Crisis: A View from the Edge
2. Perspectives Apart: Unveiling the Indo-Pacific Understanding of Irregular Warfare
4. Focus on Russia and China threat rather than terrorists, MI5 told
6. A GOP Hawk Tries to Reassure a World on Edge About Trump
7. AI and the Art of War in Ukraine
8. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, June 3, 2024
9. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 3, 2024
10. Unleashing innovation: The case for a drone operator branch in the US Army
11. China's defense minister hammers away on Taiwan, says peaceful unification chances 'eroded'
12. NATO to unveil Ukraine security package as ‘bridge’ to membership
13. The Dalai Lama Is Landing in the Middle of the 2024 Election
14. Pentagon looks beyond primes for cheaper drones
15. 'I feel really good' about election security, former NSA chief says
16. Trump Joins TikTok and Calls It ‘An Honor.’ As President He Once Tried to Ban the App
17. China: Closing Off Memory of Tiananmen Massacre
18. Secret Cyber Wars: Why States Are Increasingly Turning to Economic Espionage and How Cyber Proxies Play a Key Role
19. The Dangerous Myth of Deglobalization
20. News site editor’s ties to Iran, Russia show misinformation’s complexity
21. Opinion | How do we want America to be? By William McRaven

Korean News Content:

1. U.S. watching tensions on Korean Peninsula with 'great concern': White House official
2.  Potential discovery of offshore gas, oil reserves raises hopes, but feasibility still uncertain
3. Cabinet approves full suspension of inter-Korean tension reduction pact
4. North Korean companies ‘scrambling’ to send workers to Chinese factories
5. PPP to push for law revision to compensate for damage caused by N.K. trash balloons
6. S. Korea, U.S. to hold 3rd Nuclear Consultative Group meeting next week
7. S. Korea sets out on UNSC presidency, plans meeting on N.K. human rights
8.  S. Korea to restore all border military activities restricted under 2018 pact with N. Korea
9. S. Korea told relevant countries of decision to suspend inter-Korean tension reduction pact in advance: Seoul official
10. S. Pyongan Province's rural areas are facing extreme levels of hardship
11. What N. Korean farmers could learn from South Korea
12. Why are salesclerks at N. Korea's state-run shops leaving their jobs?
13. <Interview from Inside N. Korea>The state of North Korea's smuggling activities, which has expanded dramatically and includes many UN sanctioned items
14. U.S. State Dept. denounces N. Korea's trash-filled balloons as 'disgusting' tactic
15. S. Korea to invest 2.5 tln won in next-generation nuclear reactors
16. Why North Korea dumped trash on South Korea