Small Wars Journal

6/4/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 06/04/2023 - 11:06am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 3, 2023
2. New psychology research reveals the “bullshit blind spot”
3. More than just a name change: Military, community embrace Fort Liberty, move beyond Fort Bragg
4. U.S. Defense Chief Rebukes China as Warships Transit Taiwan Strait
5.  China defends buzzing American warship and accuses the U.S. of provocation
6. The Downside of the Debt Deal Is a Weaker Military
7. 'A Shared Vision for the Indo-Pacific': Remarks by Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III at the Shangri-La Dialogue (As Delivered)
8. Top American, Chinese defense officials vie for influence in Asia-Pacific
9. Li Shangfu: China’s defence minister at Shangri-La Dialogue warns of ‘cold war mentality’ in digs at US
10. China accuses US of 'provocation' after near collision of warships
11. China accuses US of 'provocation' after near collision of warships
12. Opinion | The U.S. is not trusted globally. Here’s how that can change.
13. Old-Fashioned Weapons Are a Key to Taiwan’s Defense
14. Three Cheers for the New U.S. Marine Corps, None for the Old
15. Use of NATO arms for attack in Russia raises doubts about Kyiv’s controls
16. US protectionism is a flawed strategy
17. Chinese Hackers’ Attack on Key US Bases on Guam Is Part of Unrestricted Warfare: Military Expert

Korean News Content:

1. North Korea targets U.S. intel figures on a secret cyber hit list
2. S. Korean military continues operation to salvage N. Korean rocket debris
3. S. Korea, Japan agree to hold working-level talks to prevent repeat of 2018 maritime incident: Seoul's defense chief
4. N. Korean leader's sister slams UNSC meeting on space rocket launch
5. S. Korea imposes sanctions ‘Kimsuky’ for satellite technology theft
6. Two anchors for security in the Pacific
7. President Yoon to attend NATO Summit in Lithuania next month
8. Pence, Haley and DeSantis slam Trump for congratulating North Korea's Kim Jung Un
9. S. Korea eyes UN seat as NK rebukes UN body
10. EU’s top diplomat corrects he ‘explains’ Ukraine’s needs for ammunition to S.Korea
11. Why does South Korea want to be Australia's best friend?
12. Astray Into the Zone (Aviation in Korea)


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