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6/3/24National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 06/03/2024 - 9:53am

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National Security News Content:

1. Exchange between Admiral Paparo and Cui Tiankai, who was the longest-serving Chinese Ambassador
2. China Is ‘Prepositioning’ for Future Cyberattacks—and the New NSA Chief Is Worried
3. 35 Years After Tiananmen, China’s Conduct Again Triggers Alarm
4. A new axis? by Sir Lawrence Freedman
5. Preventing and Waging War in the AI–CYBER Era
6. The Real Threat to Taiwan
7. What to Know About Claudia Sheinbaum, Mexico’s Newly Elected President
8. A former Israeli hostage recalls the brutality of Hamas captivity
9. Why Washington Failed in Niger
10. Covert Connections: The LinkedIn Recruitment Ruse Targeting Defense Insiders
11. South China Sea: Beijing warns neighbours of US ‘geopolitical self-interest’ in region
12. Failure Is for Other People – Not for our ruling elites in government and nonprofit agencies
13. Why You Shouldn’t Come to the Naval War College
14. How Hamas Ends – A Strategy for Letting the Group Defeat Itself
15. Two far-right Israeli ministers threaten to topple the government if it accepts Biden peace plan
16. The ‛International Community’ Has No Right to Exist
17. Facing up to China’s Hybrid Warfare in the Pacific
18. Putin’s Hidden Game in the South Caucasus
19. Opinion | Using Math to Analyze the Supreme Court Reveals an Intriguing Pattern
20. On D-Day, the U.S. Conquered the British Empire
21. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 2, 2024
23. Competing US-China Defense Tactics Dominate Singapore Forum

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea says it will stop sending trash-filled balloons, will resume if S. Korea sends leaflets
2. NSC decides to fully suspend 2018 inter-Korean peace pact after N.K. trash balloon campaign
3. Possible North Korean balloon debris falls near elementary school on Osan Air Base
4. Activists mull suspending leaflet operation if Kim Jong-un apologizes for balloon campaign
5. How the North Korea-Russia alliance could damage Biden in 2024
6. U.S., South Korea and Japan agree to hold joint military exercises
7. Border residents call for halt to sending anti-Pyongyang leaflets to N. Korea
8. Kim Jong Un’s new line more bark than bite
9. Editorial: S. Korea must consider loudspeaker broadcasts assuming N. Korean military provocations
10. Jeju Forum seeks to ‘secure free navigation’ with global maritime security experts
11. Is the 'female commander' the essence of Army trainee’s death?
12. <Inside North Korea>Farmers protest against lack of food rations, police mobilized Cadres diverted food to other uses
13. Unification minister slams North Korea for trash balloons, GPS jamming
14. Defense Intelligence Agency report confirms Russia is using North Korean missiles in its war against Ukraine
15.  Two Sariwon teenagers publicly tried for distributing S. Korean songs, photos
16. One N. Korean's view of the ongoing crackdown on the China-North Korea border