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6/30/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 06/30/2024 - 12:40pm

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National Security News Content:

1. Navigating Uncertainty: The Intersection of Global Politics, Tech, and Economics
2. Biden-Trump Debate Reveals Sharp Divide in U.S. Foreign Policy Approaches
3. Pattern of Brain Damage Is Pervasive in Navy SEALs Who Died by Suicide
4. Russia Is Not Bluffing
5. How Iran Defied the U.S. to Become an International Power
6. Mikhail Baryshnikov on Leaving Everything Behind
7. How blackouts in Ukraine affect chronically-ill children
8. SBU releases new headcam footage of Snake Island liberation
9. Commentary: The ripples of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s corruption purge
10. The Constitution That Binds Us (Book Review)
11.  How Uncle Sam Became an American Icon
12. Vision 2035: Restoring Marine Corps Capabilities to Fight and Win
13.  House Approves $2.5 Billion for Junior Enlisted Raises, Which May Be $800 Million Too Little
14. RIMPAC 2024 Kicks Off In Honolulu, Hawaii
15. The US military chases shiny new things and the ranks suffer
16. Do military families really need to move so much?
17. Is America fit to lead the West?
18. Japan and US need to up their game in the Senkakus
19. America’s priority should be chip design leadership
20.  Russia wants to confront NATO but dares not fight it on the battlefield – so it’s waging a hybrid war instead

Korean News Content:

1. How one family escaped North Korea in a rickety boat on the open sea
2. North Korean officials sport Kim Jong Un pins for first time
3. North Korea condemns drills by US, Japan, South Korea as 'Asian NATO'
4. N. Korea opens party plenary meeting with leader Kim in attendance
5. N. Korea condemns joint military exercise by S. Korea, U.S., Japan
6. External Policy Office of DPRK Foreign Ministry Issues Press Statement (Freedom Edge Response)
7. Russia, Western nations joust on Pyongyang-Moscow arms cooperation in UNSC meeting
8. Kim Jong-un's solitary portrait pin officially seen for 1st time
9. North's trash balloons rack up over 26 million won in damage across greater Seoul
10. N. Korea state media says there is 'important report' amid key party meeting
11. Yoon to meet US spy chief amid deepening NK-Russia ties
12. Drawn by BTS, K-drama, Chinese tourists return to South Korea in droves after years of upset
13. How South Korea took over world entertainment under constant threat of war