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6/29/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 06/29/2024 - 10:14am

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National Security News Content:

1. Function… then Form: Rethinking the Operational Command Structure of US SOF
2. Doris Allen, Analyst Who Saw the Tet Offensive Coming, Is Dead at 97
3. WEEKEND INTERVIEW: Former U.S. Commander Sees Momentum Shift in Ukraine (Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges (Ret.))
4. Exclusive: America falters in fighting the information war
5. Cognitive Combat: China, Russia, and Iran’s Information War Against Americans
6. Dispatch from Taipei: Why Taiwan’s survival may depend on deterrence through resilience
7. NATO’s Fast Approaching “Moment of Truth” on Ukraine
8. Japan and Philippines trying to finish defense pact for signing in Manila as alarm grows over China
9. China mocks U.S. presidential debate: "very entertaining"
10. How will Trump and Biden differ on top foreign policy issues? A post-debate primer on what we learned.
11.  Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 28, 2024
12. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, June 28, 2024
13. China-Taiwan Weekly Update, June 27, 2024
14. Opinion | I Study Disinformation. This Election Will Be Grim.
15. Shall We Hunt and Expose a Potential Russian Network Operating in the US Presidential Election?
16. The Biden admin has no firm plan to call out domestic disinformation in the 2024 election
17. Danger of War in East Asia Ignored in Debate Despite Beijing’s Growing Aggression
18. The Postwar Vision That Sees Gaza Sliced Into Security Zones
19. Brexit Backlash: Brits Now Regret Their Populist Revolt
20. [Newspoint] Where Marcos has taken us since Duterte
21. The monument to Ukraine’s past corruption

Korean News Content:

1. The forgotten teenage guerillas who infiltrated North Korea during Korean War
2. Should Ireland, not Germany, now be the model for Korean reunification?
3. Report to Congress on U.S., South Korea Relations
4. —TRILATERAL STATEMENT— First Execution of Multi-Domain Japan - ROK - U.S. Exercise FREEDOM EDGE
5. “There is no need to overreact to the North Korea-Russia military alliance∙∙∙The extended deterrence of the U.S.-ROK alliance must be strengthened.”
6. Research expert tells UN it has 'irrefutably' established missile debris in Ukraine is North Korean
7. Russia, Western nations joust on Pyongyang-Moscow arms cooperation in UNSC meeting
8. Danger of War in East Asia Ignored in Debate Despite Beijing’s Growing Aggression
9. KDVA’s Congratulatory Message for U.S. Forces Korea Founding Day
10. North Korea executed man for listening to K-pop, report from defectors shows
11. N. Korea opens party plenary meeting with leader Kim in attendance
12. S. Korea, U.S., Japan wrap up 1st trilateral 'Freedom Edge' exercise
13. S. Korea marks 22nd anniversary of victorious inter-Korean naval skirmish
14. Exclusive: Trump will encourage Japan, South Korea ties, allies tell foreign officials
15. US diplomat says 'everything' should be on table if it helps progress on peninsula denuclearization
16. N. Korea enhances nuclear readiness ahead of military's summer exercises
17. Some N. Koreans avoid work as police informants due to no compensation