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6/27/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 06/27/2024 - 9:23am

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National Security News Content:

1. US Air Force general: US will not assist Israel in war with Hezbollah as it had with Iran
2. South By Southwest festival bars Army, defense industry from 'sponsoring' 2025 event
3. China is seeking ways to disrupt daily American life should a conflict erupt, Pentagon’s IT leader says
4. The ‘Unfettered’ Trade That's Wildly Popular—and Ignored in Washington
5. Leadership in Modern War by Mick Ryan (Parts 1 and 2)
6. Pentagon's Efforts on Traumatic Brain Injuries to Get Government Watchdog Review
7. Analysis: Poland Continues to Prepare Citizens for War With Russia
8. New Attacks Suggest Moscow Rapidly Losing Control Over Dagestani Population
9. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 26, 2024
10. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, June 26, 2024
11. Report to Congress on Use of Force in Cyberspace
12. Have China’s Wolf Warriors Gone Extinct?
13. Joe Biden's Failed Strategy Against the Houthi Threat in the Red Sea
14. Protecting America’s cybersecurity demands showing our teeth
15. Hamas’s Ruthless Long-Term Strategy of Necessary Sacrifice
16. How the military is preparing for AI at the edge
17. Reimagining the Arsenal of Democracy
18. "People's Satellite" Helped Ukraine Hit Over 1,000 Targets Spy Agency Says
19. Senate committee looks to withhold funding for Cybercom capability architecture
20. Africa Needs More American Involvement—Not Less
21. Should Americans Die for a Single Filipino?
22. Resilience and Resistance Post-Raisi: A Data-Centric Approach to Iran
23. The All-Airborne 'Remembrance Bowl' in Normandy Should Be a Bigger Deal Than the Army-Navy Game

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea says it successfully conducted multiple warhead missile capability test
2. U.S. expert raises possibility of S. Korea's nuclearization in case of Trump's reelection
3. ‘They made us work day and night’: South Korean prisoner of war for over 50 years recalls life in the North
4. US, Japan, South Korea vow strategic cooperation to boost security, economies
5. North Korea says successfully tested multiple-warhead missile
6. North Korea 'will send military personnel to Ukraine within a month' to boost Putin's forces
7. Russia Offers China A River To The Sea In The Pacific
8. Why China accessing Sea of Japan through Russia-North Korea border river can ring alarm bells
9. Russia, North Korea and the axis of autocracies
10. Air Force Ghostrider flies the South Korean skies for joint training
11. North Korea Says It Tested Multiple-Warhead Missile Technology
12. Naval, air drills signal start of first large-scale exercise by US, South Korea, Japan
13. Bombs and balloons: North and South Korea raise the stakes on tense peninsula
14. ‘The scariest place on earth’: inside the DMZ as tensions between North and South Korea rise
15. S. Korean military dismisses N.K. claim of successful multiple-warhead missile test
16. S. Korea, U.S. wrap up 4th round of talks on defense cost sharing
17.  N. Korea ramps up public executions of people distributing S. Korean movies: unification ministry
18. S. Korea slaps sanctions on N. Korea's Missile Administration, 4 Russian vessels for violating U.N. resolutions
19. S. Korea warns Russia 'not to make mistake' after Moscow's warning against potential arms supply to Ukraine
20. Fact check: North Korea has not announced plans to send troops to Ukraine — yet