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6/26/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 06/26/2024 - 10:20am

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National Security News Content:

1. Echoes of Freedom: Why Courageous Leaders Are the Guardians of Our Nation’s Soul
2. Opinion | Why American tech companies need to help build AI weaponry
3. Russia's ambassador outlines plan to overthrow US-led world order
4. One year on, the Wagner revolt changed nothing
5. Lack of Leadership is Hindering the West in Asia
6. More Americans are ending up in Russian jails. Prospects for their release are unclear
7. Zelensky’s Formidable Task: Keeping the West and His Citizens On Board
8. It’s Time To Bring the Pentagon Budget Into the 21st Century
9. Grand Strategy, Innovation and Technology-Power:  Free Trade with Free People
10. US Navy leaves possible two-week aircraft carrier gap in CENTCOM
11. War Between Israel and Iran Is Inevitable
12. WikiLeaks Founder Pleads Guilty and Is Sentenced for Conspiring to Obtain and Disclose Classified National Defense Information
13. The Assange Plea and Press Freedom
14. Taiwan reports Chinese 'combat patrol', Beijing vows to hunt independence 'diehards'
15. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 25, 2024
16. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, June 25, 2024
17. US military takes another stab at aid delivery from floating Gaza pier
18. International court seeks arrest of Russian officials over attacks on Ukrainian power plants
19. DHS identifies over 400 migrants brought to the U.S. by an ISIS-affiliated smuggling network
20. Attacks against defense industrial base increasing, NSA chief war
21. America’s Asian Partners Are Not Worried Enough About Trump
22. The Power of Principles – What Norms Are Still Good For
23. ‘Axis of impunity’: Putin-Kim deal underlines new challenges to world order

Korean News Content:

1. Suspected North Korean hypersonic missile exploded in flight, South Korea says
2. This North Korean defector sends ‘smart’ balloons back home. Here’s a look inside his secretive assembly room
3. Incheon airport briefly shuts down runways because of North Korea trash balloons
4. The North Korean defector flying propaganda balloons to topple Kim
5. North Korea's Jang Song-taek faction: "Kim Jong-un is ashamed of his mother...Half-Baekdu bloodline complex"
6. N.K. missile launch ends in mid-air explosion amid possibility of hypersonic missile test
7. Marine Corps resumes full-scale live-fire drills on border islands for 1st time in 7 years
8. PM says S. Korea not at stage to consider nuclear armament 'for now'
9. North Korean trash balloons crash Incheon Airport, halting flights for 3 hours
10. S. Korea, U.S. hold joint air drills involving F-22 fighter jet
11. Senior diplomats, military officials reaffirm Seoul-Washington alliance amid heightened geopolitical woes
12. <Interview with a N. Korean Woman>What was happening in the spring of 2024? (1) Who is starving and why?
13. PM to meet Vietnam counterpart in Seoul next week
14. Hoeryong police conduct bunker drills to prepare for war
15. Ministry of Social Security Ensemble dancer takes her own life 
16. North Koreans vow to ‘annihilate’ America at anti-US rallies across country
17. Pentagon spokesperson raises possibility of N.K. troops becoming 'cannon fodder' if sent to Ukraine
18. Chinese companies increasingly seek out cheap N. Korean labor
19. Putin kissing Kim’s ring is a massive strategic blunder  
20. America’s Asian Partners Are Not Worried Enough About Trump
21. ‘Axis of impunity’: Putin-Kim deal underlines new challenges to world order