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6/26/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 06/26/2023 - 9:48am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 25, 2023
2. China throws support behind 'strategic partner' Russia after Wagner insurrection challenges Putin
3. With Russia revolt over, mercenaries' future and direction of Ukraine war remain uncertain
4. US aircraft carrier makes Da Nang port call as America looks to strengthen ties with Vietnam
5. Why Wagner Chief Prigozhin Turned Against Putin
6. Russian defense minister makes first public appearance since mercenary revolt as uncertainty swirls
7. With Wagner’s Future in Doubt, Ukraine Could Capitalize on Chaos
8. For the U.S. and NATO, a Weakened Russia Is More of a Wild Card
9. Officials question whether truce will hold in Kremlin, Wagner standoff
10. Army fires 5th Security Force Assistance Brigade commander
11. Detailed defense plans for US and allied troops remind senior Army leaders of Cold War
12. The Prigozhin roadshow isn’t over
13. Poll finds continued public support for Ukraine, Taiwan aid
14. The 2023 War On The Rocks Summer Fiction Reading List
15.  The Lessons of Afghanistan: Why Countering Someone Else’s Insurgency Is So Hard
16. How Advanced Is Russian-Chinese Military Cooperation?
17. US to make India into naval logistics hub for Indo-Pac region
18. Security meltdown avoided in Moscow, but blowback from insurrection looms
19. Don’t Count the Dictators Out
20. Special Operations News Update - June 26, 2023 | SOF News

Korean News Content:

1. Thousands of North Koreans march in anti-US rallies as country marks Korean War anniversary
2. N. Korea warns Korean Peninsula close to 'brink of nuclear war'
3. Defector group sends propaganda leaflets to N. Korea on Korean War anniversary
4. S. Korea approves plan to upgrade K9 howitzers
5. Nuclear envoys of S. Korea, U.S. call for China's 'constructive role' over N. Korea's nuke issue
6. S Korea inching toward long-term THAAD deployment
7. N. Korea caught preparing military parade next month
8. North Korea plagued by worst famine, wary of impact
9. Wagner mutiny may have killed North Korea's dream project
10. Why the full deployment of THAAD in Korea is smart
11. Yoon mulling replacing unification, industry ministers: source
12. Women to serve on Korean submarines from 2024