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6/25/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 06/25/2024 - 9:56am

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National Security News Content:

1. SOCEUR plays significant role in D-Day 80 festivities
2. On the Departure of Derek Chollet and Appointment of Tom Sullivan as Counselor
3. Resourcing to Win: Strategies for Optimizing Special Operations Budgets
4. How to Start a War Over Taiwan
5. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 24, 2024
6. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, June 24, 2024
7. Historic Moon Mission Moves China Ahead in Space Race With U.S.
8. In Rare Rebuke, U.S. Ambassador Accuses China of Undermining Diplomacy
9. Evan Gershkovich | A Letter From The Wall Street Journal Editor in Chief
10. Opinion | Egregious Pentagon delays reflect problem the military is just starting to solve
11.  Top State Department official to become Austin’s new chief of staff
12. Republicans will again try to slash defense secretary’s salary to $1
13. Vietnam reaffirms "strategic partnership" with US day after Putin visit
14. Tactical Nuclear Weapons, Explained
15. Marines revive historic 'Sledge' airfield on Peleliu in Pacific pivot
16. The US Is Learning the Wrong Cold War Lessons on China
17. More Debt Is Better Than More Billion-Dollar Climate Disasters
18. Trump ran up national debt twice as much as Biden: new analysis
19. Exclusive: Trump handed plan to halt US military aid to Kyiv unless it talks peace with Moscow
20. Why Cambodia Matters to the U.S.-China Rivalry
21. Cyber Attacks in Perspective: Cutting Through the Hyperbole
22. The Pivot That Wasn’t – Did America Wait Too Long to Counter China?
23. Should Ukraine Keep Attacking Russian Oil Refineries?

Korean News Content:

1. Korean War June 25, 1950
2. Redeploying tactical nuclear weapons to S. Korea could strengthen nuclear umbrella against Russia-NK threats: Bolton
3. South Korean activists say their balloons will continue to fly, despite North warnings
4. Conflict fears grow ahead of Korean War anniversary
5. South Korean military says 350 waste balloons detected from North Korea overnight as tensions flare
6. Tactical Nuclear Weapons, Explained
7. S. Korea conducts live-fire drills with Chunmoo multiple rocket launchers
8. Meet the North Koreans who haven't been able to return home in over 70 years
9. Putin says ties with N. Korea raised to 'unprecedentedly high level' in thank-you message to Kim
10. Russia and North Korea signed a defense pact with each other. What does this mean?
11. South Korea latest to level charges against Israeli officials for alleged war crimes in Gaza
12. North Korean Munitions Factories: The Other Side of Arms Transfers to Russia
13. Campbell stresses Washington Declaration as deterrence tool amid security concerns over Putin-Kim summit
14. UN aviation authority condemns North Korea GPS jamming near Incheon airport
15. N. Korea supports Russia's war with Ukraine as 'legitimate act of self-defense'