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6/25/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 06/25/2022 - 11:20am

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National Security News Content:

2. China ‘no-limits’ vow with Russia raises Pentagon urgency to prepare for Guam attack: US commander
​3. It’s Time to Base Fifth-Gen Fighter Jets on Guam, INDOPACOM Chief Says
4. A Perspective on Russian Cyberattacks and Disinformation
5. House committee votes to ban sale of U.S. farmland to Russia and China
6. The KGB vs. CIA: World-Class Spies?
7. Russia’s Disinformation Cannot Hide its Responsibility for the Global Food Crisis
8. Now Russia threatens POLAND: Putin claims to have 'killed 80 Polish fighters' in east Ukraine
9. Meta Made Millions in Ads From Networks of Fake Accounts
10. Why We Fall for Disinformation - The psychological mechanisms at work.
11. 'Increased threat' of foreign terrorists, election influence operations in 2022: DHS
12. Suspected Russian spy was well-liked by classmates, but something just seemed a little off
13. Eric Greitens’ Embarrassing Fantasies of Political Violence
14. Exclusive: Ukraine's top military spy says captured American fighters could be released in prisoner swap
15. Congress is bringing back the idea of a 'limited' nuclear war
16. The Ukraine War Is Bleeding Russia Dry
17. Beijing Is Still Playing the Long Game on Taiwan
18. Ukraine Says Russia Aiming To Drag Belarus Into War After Strikes

Korean News Content:

​1. What the Experts Think: Why North Korea Wants Tactical Nuclear Weapons
2. Axios World: North Korea nuke limbo
​3. On Korean War anniversary, S. Korea vows stern response to N. Korean provocations
4. Nasty Rhetoric and Fearsome Displays Aside, Expect China and North Korea To Stand Pat
5. New U.S. ambassador to S. Korea to arrive in Seoul on July 10
6. New COVID-19 infections fall below 7,000 amid virus slowdown
7. N. Korea's new suspected COVID-19 cases fall below 10,000: state media
8. Japanese PM says no plan to meet Yoon during NATO summit
9. South Korean leader's informal media events are a break with tradition
10. N. Korea discusses revising operational plans with a map of S. Korea
​11. ​Koreans' love-hate relationship with Samsung
​12. ​House panel advances 2023 defense bill maintaining US troop level in S. Korea
​13. ​North Korea restarts anti-US propaganda day it stopped under Trump
​14. ​South Korea is trying to double the range of its K239 rocket launcher
15. The real-life Maverick who took on 7 Soviet jets in a classified Korean War dogfight