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6/24/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 06/24/2024 - 9:24am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Saboteurs Behind Arson Attack at German Factory
2. ‘Urgency’ needed on terrorism threats, ex-CIA official says
3. Social media among many barriers to bringing back a draft, report says
4. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 23, 2024
5. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, June 23, 2024
6. Netanyahu says Israel is winding down its Gaza operations. But he warns a Lebanon war could be next
7. China is watching warily as Putin and Kim forge new ‘alliance’
8. Catherine Herridge: Protecting Sources Is a Hill Worth Dying On
9. The Muslim Soldiers Fighting for Israel
10. Pentagon didn’t adequately track funds sent to Chinese research labs
11. Tight congressional calendar squeezes lawmakers’ defense work
12. Weapons of choice in China’s territorial disputes? Axes, knives, ‘jostling.’
13. How Ukraine’s Naval Drones Turned the Tide in the Battle of the Black Sea
14. How a Texas Factory Will Become a Key Ammo Supplier for the U.S., Ukraine
15. What It Would Take for the U.S. Dollar To Collapse
16. Weakening yuan could be what China needs, but not what it wants
17. Remembering Saipan: The battle that reshaped the Pacific
18. U.S. Army Conducts First Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile SINKEX using PrSM
19. Number of Air Force Osprey Pilots and Aircrew Under Review Amid Mechanical Issues, Flight Restriction
20. Israeli Defense Tech is About to Have a Moment
21. Would Russia Aid China in an Invasion of Taiwan?
22. US hasn’t withheld weapons for Israel, but it’s done fast-tracking them — official
23. Inside the Chinese-funded and staffed marijuana farms springing up across the U.S.
24. China’s New Info Warriors: The Information Support Force Emerges
25. Better than the Sum of its Parts: Making NATO Reserves an Alliance Resource
26. Xi Jinping’s Russian Lessons
27. There’s No Dodge Button for Disinformation

Korean News Content:

1. North Korean Military Advances in the West Sea: A Strategic Response
2. China is watching warily as Putin and Kim forge new ‘alliance’
3. Japan and South Korea Are Fighting Over an App at a Tense Time
4. South Korea battery plant fire kills 22 people, most of them Chinese
5. Hyundai and Kia Zip Into the U.S. Car Market’s Fast Lane
6. US and Key Asian Allies Denounce Putin and Kim’s Military Pact
7. S. Korea says parasites detected in trash-filled balloons from N. Korea
8. Defector group sends more plastics bottles containing rice to N. Korea, raising concerns about Pyongyang's trash balloons
9. N. Korea supports Russia's war with Ukraine as 'legitimate act of self-defense'
10. Hwaseong battery plant fire likely to go down as worst chemical plant accident in history
11. N. Korea vows 'overwhelming, fresh' deterrence measures against arrival of U.S. aircraft carrier
12. The Chinese in the Korean War
13. Parasites, poop and propaganda: Trash balloons reveal hardships faced by North Koreans
14. N. Korea Likely Provided 1.6 Mil Artillery Shells to Russia
15. UN approves ROK province’s plan to send water purification aid to North Korea