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6/23/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 06/23/2024 - 12:31pm

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National Security News Content:

1. Things Worth Remembering: The Man in the Arena
2. The Gray Zone: the only crossing from Russia into Ukraine
3. One More Time With Feeling: Unity Is Overrated
4. Taiwan Wants a Drone Army—but China Makes the Drones It Wants
5. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 22, 2024
6. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, June 22, 2024
7. The Arsenal of Autocracy & Nvidia Rising
8. US debt moving toward $50 trillion isn’t whole story
9. NATO’s New Leader Was Planning This the Whole Time
10. Europe Must Make a Realistic Commitment to the Indo-Pacific
11. US East Asia envoy says South China Sea situation deeply concerning
12. Philippines not in business of instigating wars, says President Marcos
13. US offers assurances to Israel this week in the event of full-blown war with Hezbollah
14. As U.S.-supplied weapons show impact inside Russia, Ukrainian soldiers hope for deeper strikes
15. How Big Is CCP Inc.?
16. Despite fentanyl crackdown, Chinese sellers are open for business

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea orders officials to conceal information about anti-socialist behavior cases
2. Russia's provision of precision weapons to N.K. would leave no line for Seoul's aid to Ukraine: official
3. Putin warns South Korea sending weapons to Ukraine would be ‘big mistake’
4. U.S. expert calls for S. Korea's inclusion into G7, touts its 'trustworthiness'
5. N. Korea orders munitions factories to beef up security
6. Bridging The Divide: A Neutral Approach To Peace On The Korean Peninsula
7. S. Korean commandos sharpen special operations capabilities amid NK threats
8. Russia-North Korea defense pact moves military cooperation out of shadows
9. Kinzinger: Russia-North Korea pact a ‘bad look for Vladimir Putin’
10. Learning to Live With a Nuclear North Korea
11. Defector group sends more plastics bottles containing rice to N. Korea, raising concerns about Pyongyang's trash balloons
12. S. Korea running out of red lines on Russia-N. Korea cooperation
13.  'Unfeasible' idea of nuclear-armed South Korea resurfaces
14. US and South Korea race to finish troop cost talks with Trump looming
15. N. Korea to hold key party meeting this week after signing new partnership treaty with Russia
16. Tony Shaffer to Newsmax: Biden Erased All US Gains With NKorea