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6/23/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 06/23/2022 - 10:33am

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National Security News Content:

2. Russia created a global food crisis by invading Ukraine. Here’s what can be done to stop millions from starving
3. Gallagher Opening Statement at FY23 NDAA Markup
4. Ukraine Disinformation Fight Sounds Warning Bells for Taiwan
5. ‘Kamikaze’ Drones Strike Russian Oil Refinery, Looks Like Model Sold On Alibaba
6. Former Defense secretary says China ‘could bring Taiwan to its knees’ without invading
7. A More United, Better-Armed Opposition Can Bring Democracy to Myanmar
8. What’s Wrong with Wanting a “Human in the Loop”?
9. New legislation aims to give drone crews tax-free combat pay
10. As China shuts out the world, internet access from abroad gets harder too
11. Nepal Backs Away From US State Partnership Program
12. Congress Should Help End UN’s Latest Anti-Israel Waste of Funds
13. The AP Interview: Estonian PM says don't play down Russia
14.  The arrival of Western weapons begins to reshape the battle off Ukraine’s coast.
15. Many Russian Cyberattacks Failed in First Months of Ukraine War, Study Says
16. Pentagon Pressed to Review How It Judges an Ally’s Will to Fight
17. Heavily-armed Finland fires warning to Vladimir Putin as nation vows to FIGHT if attacked
18. Goat Injures Scores Of Russian Soldiers After Triggering Tripwire Connected To Ring Of Grenades
19. Poland Has Had It With Russia

Korean News Content:

1. Yoon to Hold Trilateral Summit with Biden, Kishida in Madrid
2. Hanwha, Kongsberg partner on combat vehicle, long-range fires system
3. North Korea's Kim oversees military meeting amid potential nuclear test
4. N. Korea discusses revising operational plans of its front-line military units
5. Unvaccinated North Korean soldiers told to use saltwater, mugwort smoke when sick
6. S. Korea, U.S. stage combined patrol flight in show of air defense readiness
7. Ukraine lawmakers to visit Seoul next month: ruling party
8. Outgoing U.N. rapporteur on N.K. human rights to visit Seoul next week
9. Recent lectures in Hamhung refocus attention on anti-reactionary thought law
10. N. Korea's new smartphone not yet available in stores
11. Some regions of N. Korea falsely claim completion of rice transplanting activities
12. Korea to offer $1 mil. in aid to quake-hit Afghanistan
13. Top South Korean, US military officers hold virtual talks on North Korea's threats
14. Kim’s psy-war coup spooks Seoul
15. Former officials "Support for 'peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula' by the US... North Korea's 'nuclear possession' status is impossible"
16. Beyond Nuclear Crisis: New and Long-Term Strategy for the Korean Peninsula (Lecture)
17. ‘Not in This for the Money’: Why Some Families Sue North Korea