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6/2/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 06/02/2024 - 12:13pm

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National Security News Content:

1. How Israel Avoided Biden’s Red Line

2. Mexicans Poised to Elect First Woman President

3. The Most Important National Security Issue Facing America, With the Least Amount of Attention’ (Mexico)

4. Donald Trump Joins TikTok Years After Trying to Ban the App

5. Pentagon Chief Says War With China Neither Imminent nor Unavoidable                                                          

6. Zelensky Says China Is Helping Russia Undermine a Peace Summit on Ukraine

7. Comparative Analysis of U.S. National Security Strategies (1987-2022)


9. A lighter, high-tech Abrams tank is taking shape

10. US’ Campbell calls for stability in Strait

11. Russian disinformation sites linked to former Florida deputy sheriff, research finds

12. Biden’s cease-fire plan tightens political squeeze for Netanyahu in Israel

13. China won’t allow cold or hot war in Asia-Pacific, Chinese Defence Minister Dong Jun says

14. China’s war against Taiwan at the World Health Organization

15. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, June 1, 2024

16. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 1, 2024

17. Chinese defense minister, Ukraine's Zelenskiy dominate Asian security conference

18. The leaf that helped captured British agent survive concentration camp

19. `We the People’ are bulwarks against Russian disinformation

20.  Semi Bird defrauded Army, accused of stolen valor by Green Berets

Korean News Content:

1. Why Is North Korea Launching Balloons Carrying Trash?

2. US and allies clash with China and Russia over North Korea's launches and threats to use nukes

3. N. Korea sends some 720 more trash-carrying balloons to S. Korea, continues GPS jamming for 5 days

4. S. Korea, U.S. defense chiefs condemn ‘reckless’ N.K. provocations | Yonhap News Agency

5. Vehicle damaged by trash-carrying balloons from N. Korea

6. US doubtful it could help Korea on nuclear-powered subs

7. N. Korea's Kim inspects 1st lecture at newly built ruling party training school

8. South to launch 'unendurable' response to North's trash balloons

9. South, U.S. vow 'stern response' to North's missiles, balloons

10. South Korea Finds Itself Powerless To Stop Excrement-Filled Balloons in Apparent Public Relations Win for the North

11. Man Who Started North Korea Balloon Fight Plots Revenge for Poop Attack

12. South Korea to resume loudspeaker broadcasts along DMZ