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6/22/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 06/22/2024 - 12:12pm

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National Security News Content:

1. A Disaster of the U.S. Military’s Own Making
2. What to Know About Suicides in the U.S. Army
3. Pentagon sued over deletion of ‘Duty, Honor, Country’
4. What the Putin-Pyongyang Axis Means
5. America Is Running Out of Options in the Gaza War
6. Putin Shows He Can Antagonize the U.S. Far Afield From Ukraine
7. Putin Came to Asia to Disrupt, and He Succeeded
8. Donald Sutherland’s Oddball history: how true was Kelly’s Heroes?
9. Marine Corps Global Response in the Age of Precision Munitions
10. What Happens When Migrants Arrive in America’s Suburbs?
11. Who will win a post-heroic war?  by Edward Luttwak
12. US "Hellscape" Strategy - Sells Taiwan Cutting Edge "Attack Drone" Technology
13. Xi Jinping's Aggressive Talk About Taiwan Is Hiding a Reluctance to Act
14. How rising anti-American axis sees US weakness, and is ready to pounce
15. Opinion | Why Netanyahu Doesn’t Take Biden Seriously
16. Fallujah's Crucible: Strategic and Operational Insights in Urban Warfare
17. Bye, Google Maps: This AI mapmaking app blew me away
18. Philippines says it did not consider invoking US pact over South China Sea clash
19. How China could take Taiwan without even needing to invade
20. Hudson has questions about what DOD is doing about US military base infiltrations

Korean News Content:

1. What the Putin-Pyongyang Axis Means
2. Putin and Kim Bring Back Cold War-Era Military Alliance to Tense Region
3. Putin Came to Asia to Disrupt, and He Succeeded
4. “The deepening of North Korea-Russia closeness complicates U.S. calculations… “We are not yet at the military response stage.”
5. Takeaways from the Putin-Kim Summit (Stimson Center)
6. S. Korea, U.S., Japan agree on close cooperation through 'timely' dialogue after Kim-Putin summit: Seoul minister
7. Deepening N.K.-Russia ties may drive S. Korea in direction of nuclear option: ex-Trump official
8. USS Theodore Roosevelt arrives in Busan in show of force
9. U.S. Navy secretary hails Hanwha's acquisition of U.S. shipbuilder as 'game-changing' milestone
10. [WHY] Why are both Koreas fixated on cross-border propaganda?
11.  North Korea’s Flawed but Winning Strategy in Ukraine
12. Russia and North Korea’s military deal formalizes a bustling arms trade
13. DPRK Workers Meet to Pledge Revenge on U.S. Imperialists
14. Regarding Self-reliance As Treasured Sword of Prosperity
15. N. Korean soldiers cross border for 3rd time in June: JCS
16. Putin and Kim are creating a crisis—Can the US and China rein them in?
17. The Putin-Kim summit produced an unusual — and speedy — flurry of glimpses into North Korea