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6/22/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 06/22/2023 - 6:25pm

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 21, 2023
2. U.S. Offers India Drones, Jet Engines to Lure It From Russia
3. ASEAN easing China stance in lockstep with US
4. Tackling Maritime Security Requires A Revised Indo-Pacific Strategy
5. Pacific War Manual: Modern Warfare Lessons—from the US Army in World War II
6. China Is Ready for a World of Disorder – America Is Not
7. Battling Russia, Ukrainian Leaders Also Fight High Expectations
8. Exclusive: Taiwan on alert for Chinese-funded election interference
9. Pentagon finds an extra $6.2 billion for Ukraine aid
10. Air Force's Elite Close-Air Support Jobs May Be Cut by 44%
11. Army Aims to Fix Storage Program that Sent Defective Humvees to Ukraine
12. China Is A Dying Paper Dragon
13. Why Biden can't pry India away from Russia
14. Communist China’s Tentacles Are All Over the Western Hemisphere By: Congressman Mike Waltz
15. Migrant Smuggling “Influencers” Offering Services Via TikTok & YouTube
16. These American Businessmen Are Cozying Up With China

Korean News Content:

1. U.N. aviation organization adopts resolution condemning N. Korea's missile launches
2. China has responsibility to encourage N. Korea back to dialogue: State Dept.
3. U.S. Antimissile System in South Korea, a Source of Chinese Anger, Cleared for Full Deployment
4. US overtakes China as market for South Korean goods
5. North Korean Human Rights: The Path Ahead
6. A North Korean Dissident Defects to the American Right
7. [Herald Interview] Living witness recounts forging of US, South Korea's 'blood alliance'
8. Presidential official highlights S. Korea's pursuit of role for Indo-Pacific security
9. S. Korea, NATO ink arrangement to begin recognition process for military airworthiness certification
10. S. Korea vows $130m Ukraine aid this year
11. U.S. nuclear-powered submarine set to depart after combined drills with S. Korea
12. Yoon arrives in Vietnam for state visit
13. A Basement of Horrors in Seoul, Where Past and Present Collide
14. South Korea to Drop ‘Killer Questions’ From College Entrance Exam
15. The Bush Institute announces recipients of the 2023 Lindsay Lloyd North Korea Freedom Scholarship