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6/20/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 06/20/2024 - 10:25am

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National Security News Content:

1. Putin vows deeper ties with Vietnam in visit criticised by US
2. Vietnam Welcomes Putin—and U.S. Criticism Over Doing So
3. Putin’s visit to Vietnam casts spotlight on Russia’s influence in Southeast Asia
4. Soaring U.S. Debt Is a Spending Problem
5. Russia and North Korea’s Defense Pact Is a Told-You-So Moment in Asia
6. When the Only Escape From War in Gaza Is to Buy a Way Out
7. Israeli Military Says Hamas Can’t Be Destroyed, Escalating Feud With Netanyahu
8. China-Philippines one step closer to armed conflict
9. ‘Only pirates do this’: Philippines accuses China of using bladed weapons in major South China Sea escalation
10. Philippines demands China return rifles and pay for boat damage after hostilities in disputed sea
11. Small drones will soon lose combat advantage, French Army chief says
12. US humanitarian pier reanchored to the coast of Gaza
13. Chinese military’s rifle-toting robot dogs raise concerns in Congress
14. Climate change is a threat, not a distraction, to the US military
15. How U.S. allies and partners see the November election
16. Batteries as a Military Enabler
17. Putin’s Hybrid War Opens a Second Front on NATO’s Eastern Border
18. The Credibility Trap: Is Reputation Worth Fighting For?
19. A New Era of Leadership: Special Operators in Government
20. The Original War Game
21. Niall Ferguson: We’re All Soviets Now

Korean News Content:

1. International Forum on One Korea 2024 Explores U.S. Support for a Free and Unified Korea
2. John Batchelor Show:1/2: #NORTH KOREA: Putin and Kim mutual defense pact & What is to be done? David Maxwell, Center for Asia Pacific Security
3. DPRK-Russia Treaty on Comprehensive Strategic Partnership
4. North Korea, Russia agree to offer military assistance if either is attacked
5. Russia and North Korea’s Defense Pact Is a Told-You-So Moment in Asia
6. North Korea’s Kim hails Russia alliance, promises Putin support on Ukraine
7. Another cargo ship seized on suspicion of violating U.N. sanctions on N. Korea
8. S. Korea slams N.K.-Russia treaty; hints at potential arms supply to Ukraine
9. Kim gifts pair of Pungsan dogs to Putin after summit: KCNA
10. S. Korean Golf legend Pak Se-ri selected for this year's Van Fleet Award
11. In Seongju, 'anti-THAAD protests' wane as resident sentiments change
12. The tragic fate of N. Korean workers in Russia's Sakhalin Island
13. Can America Live with a Nuclear North Korea?
14. How U.S. allies and partners see the November election
15. Kim and Vlad
16. Drug-fueled orgy at Hamhung bathhouse leads to widespread shock