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6/20/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 06/20/2022 - 9:14am

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National Security News Content:

2. Ukraine Intensifies Strikes Against Russian-Controlled Areas
3. What Hundreds of Photos of Weapons Reveal About Russia’s Brutal War Strategy
4. 'It's just hell there': Russia still pounds eastern Ukraine
5. Opinion | Are We Sure America Is Not at War in Ukraine?
6.  America’s shame: About 14 percent of military families are food insecure
7.  When the Lies Come Home (Ukraine) by Douglas Macgregor
8. Ukraine Live Updates: Finland and Sweden Push for NATO Membership
9. China May oil imports from Russia soar to a record, surpass top supplier Saudi
10.  A dictator’s son promised unity. His election is pulling Filipinos apart.
11. Refineries are making a windfall. Why do they keep closing?
12.  UKRAINE NEEDS MORE ARTILLERY SUPPORT: Congress Was Right to Defend Ukraine – Please Do More
13. How can Multilateral and Bilateral security partnerships coexist, while advancing U.S. strategic goals?
14. When 'Fake News' Was a Force for Good (book review)
15.  Ukrainian troops are deserting battle and Russian troops have 'troubled' morale as the war is expected to last years, NATO chief says
16. New NATO Strategic Concept Will Broaden Vision of Deterrence
17. He Tried to Reform the Way a Top D.C. Think Tank Gets Money. Now the FBI Is Looking Into Him.
18. Authoritarian regimes are a health threat to the world - analysis
19.  Meet the legendary ‘father of Special Forces’ who helped establish the Green Berets
20. Awakened to Putin’s Threat, Biden and the West Nod Off Again
21. The Frontline Interview: J. Michael Luttig​ (January 6th)​

Korean News Content:

1. Hawks want you to think Kim Jong-un will unify Korea by force – why that’s bunk
2. Mayor Eric Adams ready to back naming street honoring Otto Warmbier
3. Blue House bigwigs blamed in Yellow Sea murder cover-up
4. [Herald Interview] Moon sided with North Korea, says wife of man shot dead by North’s troops
5. S. Korean Air Force conducts large-scale exercise to counter ‘enemy provocations’
6. Yoon's office reviewing Japan's proposal for four-way summit with Australia, NZ
7. IAEA Director General sees signs of consecutive nuclear tests
8. Seoul, Washington to discuss extended deterrence against North Korea
9. Photos of Kim Jong-un as a Teenager Revealed
10. BTS break sparks debate on activism, military exemptions
11. S. Korea, China Share Need to Respect Each Other's Maritime Interests
12. Young children die of malnutrition and suspected COVID-19 symptoms in Yanggang Province