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6/19/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 06/19/2024 - 9:27am

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National Security News Content:

1. Is It Time to Step Up Defense Spending?

2. The Art of Irregular Warfare Campaigning: A Job for Which Headquarters or Agency?

3. Biden Administration Delays Moving Forward With F-15 Sale to Israel

4. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 18, 2024

5. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, June 18, 2024

6. State Department subpoenaed over Global Disinformation Index funding

7. What Will Replace the Marine Corps?

8. Marines Corps’ landing ship taking longer, costing more than planned

9. A Critical And Devastating Gap In Our Leadership Traits, Principles, Evaluations, Ethos, And Culture: The Problem With Solutions

10. First Black Navy SEAL, William Goines, dies at 88

11. Drones in Ukraine Get Smarter to Dodge Russia’s Jamming Signals

12.  West Point Officer Arraigned on Charges of Drinking with Cadets, Violating No-Contact Orders for Women's Tennis Team

13. What to Know About Suicides in the U.S. Army

14. The Soft Cyber Underbelly of the U.S. Military

15. The Return of Peace Through Strength

16. A Foreign Policy for the World as It Is

17. Quality Has a Quality All Its Own: The Virtual Attrition Value of Superior-Performance Weapons

18. Fremen Stillsuits and Heated Bubble Gyms: Preparing the Army to Fight and Win on a Rapidly Warming Battlefield

Korean News Content:

1. How Putin and Kim Stand to Gain From a Rare Visit That’s Troubling the West

2. Russia’s Putin, ‘desperate’ for ammunition, arrives in North Korea

3. Kim, Putin have much to discuss at summit as tired old relationship gets new legs

4. Putin and Kim Jong-un, Autocrats Brought Closer by War, Meet in Pyongyang

5. Putin says Russia and North Korea have vowed to aid each other if attacked in new partnership deal

6. Putin gets lavish welcome in North Korea

7. Putin signs partnership pact with Kim as Pyongyang welcomes Russian leader with fanfare

8. Putin touches down in Pyongyang, says 'heroic people' of North Korea will 'confront' West with Russia

9. Historic Meeting to Be Specially Recorded in Great Heyday of DPRK-Russia Friendship President of Russian Federation Arrives in Pyongyang

10. Kim declares N. Korea's relations with Russia upgraded to alliance

11. Accountability at Last? Exploring Prospects of Universal Jurisdiction on the Korean Peninsula

12. Hanwha eyes Norway, Sweden for rocket artillery sales

13. Putin's rare visit to North Korea shortened due to his late arrival

14. Blinken vows to do 'everything' to cut off N.K. support for Russia ahead of Kim-Putin summit

15.  Putin, N. Korea's Kim start summit talks amid concerns over deepening military cooperation

16. Romania to buy S. Korean K-9 howitzers for US$920 mln

17. TikTok star Munya Chawawa takes on North Korea in new documentary – it follows a long tradition of western media poking fun at the Kim family’s regime