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6/18/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 06/18/2022 - 10:15am

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National Security News Content:

2. U.S. Restraint Has Created an Unstable and Dangerous World by H. R. McMaster
3. Transcript of AP interview with President Joe Biden
4. The Myth of Ideological Polarization
5. America Must Not Forfeit Technology Dominance
6. With scant options in Ukraine, U.S. and allies prepare for long war
7. Russians Breached This City, Not With Troops, but Propaganda
8. How Ukraine Is Winning the Propaganda War
9. Opinion | Who Will Remember the Horrors of Ukraine?
10. Swedengate Was a Lesson in How Easily Misinformation Spreads
11. China’s Xi Jinping Could Knowingly Start a War Without Victory
12. Defending against disinformation (Canada)
13. Tainted Qatari Millions Are All Over Washington
14. Is the war in Ukraine creating a new world order?
15. Fujian: China's New Aircraft Carrier Is Important — But No Game-Changer
16. U.S. Must Counter Collective Nuclear Blackmail
17. Looking at the Ukraine War Through the Lens of the Korean War
18. Joe Biden's Blank Check Strategy Won't Help Ukraine Beat Russia
19. It looks like China did have access to U.S. TikTok user data
20. It's Not About Democracy
21. Opinion | Stunning Trump revelations raise fears of a dark, violent future
22. Opinion | White nationalists are getting bolder. Enforcement must, too.

Korean News Content:

1. Senate Passes Otto Warmbier North Korea Censorship and Surveillance Act
2. N. Korea remains unresponsive to US overtures: State Dept.
3.  ‘The Lazarus Heist’ Is the Gripping Story of North Korean Cybercrime (book review)
4. N. Korea's trade with China sharply drops on-month in May: data
5. S. Korea to actively use nuclear energy to reach carbon neutrality: PM
6. S. Korea verifying Russia's data on deaths of 4 volunteer fighters in Ukraine
7. North Korean COVID-19/Fever Data Tracker
8. Gov't Pushes Environmental Study of THAAD Base