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6/16/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 06/16/2022 - 10:03am

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National Security News Content:

2. $1 Billion in Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine
3. More Than 50 Nations Pledge to Help Build Ukraine
4. One of President Zelenskyy's top advisers told NPR what Ukraine wants
5.  Ukraine finds itself outnumbered as Russia advances in the Donbas
6. American veterans in Ukraine tell NATO how to end Russian "slugfest"
7. The U.S. overestimated Russia’s military might. Is it underestimating China’s?
8. The Defense Production Act is helping rebuild the US industrial base. Let’s keep it that way.
9. Russia's growing Ukraine occupation partisan resistance problem
10. Retired Army generals join nonprofit which urges public to recommit to democracy: "This is as dangerous a time as we've seen in our lifetime"
11. Who is Deterring Whom? The Place of Nuclear Weapons in Modern War
12. How Russia telegraphed invasion of Ukraine in space and online
13. Nighttime U.S. Helicopter Raid Captures 'Senior Daesh Leader' In Syria
14. Opinion | The U.S. Is Losing Its Military Edge in Asia, and China Knows It
15. Latvian foreign minister says European leaders should not fear provoking Putin and must not push Ukraine to make concessions
16. Russia Might Try Reckless Cyber Attacks as Ukraine War Drags On, US Warns
17.  The UN continues Israel-bashing after Biden promised to stop it
18. What would a Chinese strategy of restraint look like?
19. Lawmakers order Army to create separate fitness standard for combat specialties
20. Why Do People Hate Realism So Much?
21.  The Consequences of Conquest​ - ​Why Indo-Pacific Power Hinges on Taiwan
22. U.S. veterans missing in Ukraine, feared captured, families say
23. Military postal system plans to end mail privileges for overseas military retirees
24. Learning the Wrong Lessons: The Blind Spots in the US Approach to Foreign Military Training
25. The future of global security will be decided in Ukraine
26. Broadening the Quad’s appeal in the Indo-Pacific
27. When the Army Stopped Serving Beer, American Beer Barons Bought a Round for Freedom
28. The Army is asking for a new $34M gun range at Fort Bragg; here's why
29. What the invasion of Ukraine has revealed about the nature of modern warfare
30. Werner Herzog's new novel is a story of the jungle and obsession and delusion

Korean News Content:

1. Satellite images may show North Korea is prepping for another nuclear test
2. Putin could inspire North Korea to launch war under tactical nuclear umbrella
3. Starvation becomes a side effect of North Korea’s struggle to contain COVID
4. S. Korea, U.S. come up with concrete ways to boost alliance: FM Park
5. Foreign ministry pushing for new bureau focused on science, technology diplomacy
6. USFK chief hosts farewell event for outgoing S. Korean JCS chair
7. New infectious disease outbreak reported in N. Korea; leader Kim sends medicine: KCNA
8. North Korean doctors in Laos ordered to pay ‘loyalty funds’ to Pyongyang
9.  Technical inspection of Nuri space rocket under way after canceled launch
10. U.S. will keep the pressure on N. Korea, says Blinken
11. ‘Not defection’: Authorities U-turn on South Korean man’s killing by North Korea
12. FM suggests holding ‘2+2’ ministerial summit with top US commerce chief
13. Pyongyang might be preparing for more than one nuke test
14. Korea, Japan inching back to intelligence-sharing pact
15. N. Korea orders universities nationwide to prevent students from traveling during summer break
16. Column: In dealing with North Korea, unpredictability is the norm
17. Inside ‘Pachinko’, The Apple TV+ Hit From Soo Hugh That Captured Hearts
18. No Progress on Name for New Presidential Office
19. North Korean defector: I am terrified of the 'massive indoctrination coming from the left' in public schools