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6/14/22National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 06/14/2022 - 10:21am

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National Security News Content:

2. As China Rattles Sabers, Taiwan Asks: Are We Ready for War?
3. Taiwan: Are the US and China heading to war over the island?
4. The battle of Donbas could prove decisive in Ukraine war
5. Airmen cleared of wrongdoing in deaths of Afghans who mobbed C-17 during Kabul evacuation
6. US Army to double cyber corps strength as focus shifts from counterinsurgency
7. Army secretary on combating military sexual assault: "Every leader at every level is focused on this"
8. China’s Crisis of Confidence
9. What Erdoğan Has Wrought?
10. US Defense Secretary Austin meets Thai leader to boost ties
11. Austin Impressed by Partnership and Professionalism Exhibited by U.S. Unit in Thailand
12. Geospatial Support for Atrocity Accountability Act
13. China 'will fight to the very end' over Taiwan: Chinese defense minister
14. There Is No Military Path for Ukraine To 'Defeat' Russia
15. Divisions in the west threaten Ukraine
16. Why War Fails
17. DC shifts to damage control as Ukraine defense fades
18. Kishida Vision for Peace: Japan’s Global Leadership Gambit
19. Biden must own the Ukraine war’s endgame
20. The Army Risks Reasoning Backwards in Analyzing Ukraine
21. From Complicated to Complex: The Changing Context of War
​22. A Measure of American Decline​
23. The future of US security depends on owning the ‘gray zone.’ Biden must get it right.
24. Ukraine Will Survive and the US is Preparing to Arm it for Years, Says Pentagon’s Hicks
25. US is building ‘exclusive’ club to confront, contain China
26. President Zelensky: Tell people in the occupied territories that the Ukrainian army will come
27. China’s ‘Particle Beam Cannon’ Is a Nuclear-Power Breakthrough

Korean News Content:

​1. Blinken says US is prepared to make adjustments to military posture in response to North Korea
2. N. Korea ready to conduct nuclear test any time: ministry
3. Pyongyang estimated to have 20 nuclear warheads
4. Latest B-1 Bomber Task Force Deployed to Guam Hones Coordination With Allies
5. Presidential office to be called 'Yongsan Presidential Office' for now
6. S. Korea cautious about whether N. Korea's replacement of top diplomat heralds policy change
7. S. Korea's new COVID-19 cases rebound to near 10,000, deaths drop to 9-month low
8. Yoon’s election a strategic boon for Biden
9. Seoul, Washington, Tokyo plan missile-tracking exercises in Aug.
10. Seoul, Washington are stressing extended deterrence again
11. As North Korean missiles fly, Seoul signals need to revitalize intel pact with Tokyo
12. N. Korean nuclear test will be met by united, firm response from U.S., S. Korea: ministers
13. Yanggang Province calls on security and police officials to help resolve food shortages
14. US to keep up North Korea pressure; Seoul urges China to use influence
15. North Korea plans crackdown as Kim pushes for internal unity
16. Biden hopes to "work together" with Xi on North Korea amid U.S.-China feud