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6/13/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 06/13/2022 - 6:25am

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National Security News Content:

2. ‘PLA will continue to harass aircraft operating in international airspace’
3. US president confirms deployment of troops in Yemen
4. The Google engineer who thinks the company’s AI has come to life
5. Read the conversations that helped convince a Google engineer an artificial intelligence chatbot had become sentient
6. Ukraine’s leader says his troops keep defying predictions
7. In Kherson, misery under Russian occupation, hope over Ukrainian gains
8. Zelensky Wants Asia to Stop Enabling Putin’s War
9. 'They're Wiping Us From Earth': Evading Russian Artillery With a Ukrainian Military Unit
10. John Allen Resigns as President of Brookings Institution Amid Qatar Controversy
11. World headed for new era of nuclear rearmament: SIPRI
12. Biden chooses ‘lesser of two evils’ in navigating tough foreign policy
13.  Spirits of the Past: The Role of History in the Russo-Ukraine War by Sir Lawrence Freedman (MUST READ)
14. China says its new nuclear weapons are only for self-defense
15. China Alarms US With Private Warnings to Avoid Taiwan Strait
16. Former special operations soldier returns to Iraq — but this time with her Harvard master's degrees
17. China More Vulnerable Than US in Supply Chains: Analysts
18. Photos: Can M777 Artillery Help Ukraine Defeat Russia?
19. Big boys playing dress up
20. The Real End of Pax Americana
21. The Evolving Political-Military Aims in the War in Ukraine After 100 Days
22. Pockets of Sunflower Seeds: Civil Resistance in Ukraine

Korean News Content:

1. Presidential office holds security meeting amid N.K. artillery shots
2. N. Korean leader urges officials to wage battle against 'unrevolutionary act'
3. [INTERVIEW] Anti-leaflet law, clear violation of UN treaty, must be revoked: rights expert
4. Kim Jong Un threatens ‘Fight against Enemy’
5. DPRK leader underlines need for stronger self-defense measures
6. ​​North Korea Reportedly Test-Fired Artillery Pieces Into Ocean On Sunday
7. North revives 'confrontational struggle' language at meeting
8. North Korea tries to cheer people up by ordering police to start being nice
9. North Korea makes school uniforms in inter-Korean industrial zone without permission
10. A look into N. Korea’s COVID-19 situation…The elderly and young are dying
11. Final preparations under way for 2nd launch of S. Korean space rocket
12.  N. Korean leader urges officials to wage battle against power abuse, bureaucratism
13.  North Korean COVID-19/Fever Data Tracker
​14. ​Yoon defends watching movie on day N.K. fired artillery shots
15. Nuke test may be a 'political decision' away, says top envoy
16. N. Korea launches surprise inspections of navy and air force units
17.  N. Korea distributes lecture material calling for all-out focus on "weeding fields"
18.  North's artillery fire wasn't reported for hours
19. 'North Korea's reshuffle signals preparation for dialogue'
​20. ​Why is New Zealand’s defence minister visiting South Korea?