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6/12/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 06/12/2024 - 10:10am

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National Security News Content:

1. Six Russian nationals with ISIS ties are arrested in NYC, Philly and LA - with one source fearing they were plotting a Boston Marathon-bombing type attack
2. Feds arrested 8 Tajik nationals on immigration charges after probe found potential ties to terrorism, sources say
3. Junior enlisted pay bump to cost as much as two new aircraft carriers
4. Israel Killed 31 of My Family Members in Gaza. The Pro-Palestine Movement Isn’t Helping.
5. I Went to Cover a Protest. I Was Surrounded by a Mob.
6. Bill aims to strengthen contested logistics strategy in Pacific
7. How Ambitious Plans for a Floating Aid Pier off Gaza Fell Apart
8. Exclusive: Pentagon data reveals US soldier more likely to die by suicide than in combat
9. White House bashes idea of creating Army Drone Corps
10. How Estonia is becoming a hotbed for drone warfare
11. It's time to make a new international cooperation office within the Pentagon
12. How to Convince Putin He Will Lose
13.  U.S. Defense of Taiwan Confronts a Powerful Chinese Nuclear Deterrent
14. Selecting Generals and Admirals Who can Fight and Stay out of Jail
15. China’s overseas bases aren’t a big threat—yet: RAND
16. How a U.S.-Saudi Deal Could Reshape the Middle East
17. A Requiem for Hyperglobalization
18. Spies aren't who you think they are
19. CSA: June Recommended Articles

Korean News Content:

1. South Koreans fire warning shots after North Korean troops cross poorly demarcated border
2. N. Korea's Kim hopes to continue to develop 'meaningful, close' ties with Putin
3. Let’s unpack some questions about Russia’s role in North Korea’s rocket program
4. DPRK (North Korea): Open Briefing on the Human Rights Situation : What's In Blue : Security Council Report
5. Yoon denounces N. Korea's nuclear development as threat to nonproliferation regime
6. Editorial: Seoul should pursue nuclear capabilities as US reassesses strategy
7. <Inside N. Korea>Army removes 'unification' phrase with paint, even removing 'sacred words' of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jung Il, confusing many people
8. 'US ready for anything' amid North Korean threats: Ambassador Goldberg
9. What to make of ‘milestone’ US-ROK nuke guidelines on deterring North Korea
10. Pyongyang airport terminal cleared of planes in sign of prep for Putin visit
11. What to make of ‘milestone’ US-ROK nuke guidelines on deterring North Korea
12. New Korean flare-up carries greater air of menace
13. Oil Prospect Found by Tiny Firm Spurs Hope, Doubt in Korea