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6/12/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 06/12/2022 - 11:44am

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National Security News Content:

2. Opinion | Zelensky calls for international support for Taiwan before China attacks
3. China accuses US of trying to 'hijack' support in Asia
4. US defense chief says China muscling neighbors, plundering resources in Pacific
5. Ukraine's teen drone hero "happy that we destroyed someone"
6. Give Ukraine a Chance to Win
7. Integrated Air and Missile Defense: Early Lessons from the Russia-Ukraine War
8. China launched the world's first AI-operated 'mother ship,' an unmanned carrier capable of launching dozens of drones
9. US, China Defense Ministers Hold First Meeting
10. Chinese defence chief says it is up to U.S. to improve bilateral ties
​11. ​Behind Nato’s defensive ‘shield’ lies weakness and division. Ukraine will pay the price
​12. ​A case study in American propaganda - Responsible Statecraft
​13. ​Bringing Justice Home: Dispatches from the ISIS ‘Beatles’ Trial
14. The Russian invasion has clear implications for the US Army
15. Nicaragua authorizes entry of Russian troops, planes, ships
16. How China Hacked US Phone Networks
17. Proxy war or not, Ukraine shows why moral hazards matter
18. 10th Mountain Commander Says Leaders Need to Leave Soldiers Alone After Hours
19. Guns aren’t going away. What if we treated gun violence that way?
20. Trump’s Air Force One Deal Pains the Pentagon, Not Just Boeing

Korean News Content:

1. United States-Japan-Republic of Korea Trilateral Ministerial Meeting (TMM) Joint Press Statement
2. North Korea's New Foreign Minister: A 'Very Familiar' Face in DC
3. Seoul to 'dramatically' boost defense amid fears over North Korea's nuclear plans
4. North Korea’s Belated Effort to Import COVID-19 Medical Supplies
5. S. Korea's new COVID-19 cases below 10,000 for 3rd day
6. N. Korea's suspected COVID-19 cases close to 40,000: state media
7. S. Korea to 'normalize' security cooperation with Japan to address N.K. threats: minister
8. N. Korea fires presumed artillery shots: S. Korean military
9. Who Is Choe Son-Hui ? First Female Foreign Minister of North Korea
10.  North Korea slams Seoul’s part in massive US-led RIMPAC naval exercise
​11. ​In first, Japan, U.S. and South Korea stress importance of 'peace and stability' in Taiwan Strait
12. China calls for more goodwill on peninsula
13. N. Korean leader extends full support to Putin amid war in Ukraine
​14. PACAF Highlights Strong ‘Trilateral’ Response to North Korea Missile Tests
​15. ​North Korea's leader defends arms buildup during party meeting
​16. ​Chinese fishing boat seized for alleged illegal fishing in S. Korean waters