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6/11/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 06/11/2024 - 9:49am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 10, 2024
2. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, June 10, 2024
3. Gaza Chief’s Brutal Calculation: Civilian Bloodshed Will Help Hamas
4. How a Shadow Fleet of Ancient Tankers Keeps Russian Oil Flowing
5. Ukraine’s Plan to Make Itself Indispensable
6. Four American college educators attacked in park in China
7. Sophisticated Army training goes mobile to knit a farflung Pacific coalition
8. Bush-era national security officials warn against politicizing civil service
9. Russia losing artillery at record pace, Kyiv's figures show
10. What the USS Pueblo Incident Can Teach Marines about the LSM
11. The US military's confidence in smart bombs may have a fatal flaw
12. America Can’t Wait for a Sputnik Moment To Have a Sputnik Response
13. SOFWERX to help special operations forces tackle contested logistics challenges
14. Opinion | The U.S. military plans a ‘Hellscape’ to deter China from attacking Taiwan
15. US and Israel Would Conduct Annual Tunnel Exercises Under House Plan
16. U.S. Defenses Are Faltering, but Japan Can Help
17. Denial Is the Worst Except for All the Others: Getting the U.S. Theory of Victory Right for a War with China
18. What Does European Union Advising of Ukrainian Troops Mean for the Bloc’s Security Policies? An Inside Look at the Training Mission
19. America Is Losing the Arab World
20. Israel Is Losing the United States
21. Twelve Essential Irregular Warfare Books to Add to Your Summer Reading List

Korean News Content:

1. South Korean troops fired warning shots after North Korean soldiers briefly crossed land border
2. Third Meeting of Nuclear Consultative Group Enhances U.S., South Korea Alliance, Deterrence
3. S Korea, US complete review of joint guidelines to strengthen nuclear deterrence
4. Did Kim Jong-un Really Seek to Denuclearize?
5. Unification ministry mulls meeting with activists over anti-Pyongyang leaflet campaign
6. N. Korean soldiers briefly cross inter-Korean border, return after warning shots
7. N.K. leader sends message to Putin marking Russia's nat'l day
8. S. Korea welcomes U.N. Security Council's adoption of resolution for ceasefire in Gaza
9. S. Korean, U.S. defense officials visit key Army missile unit amid N.K. threats
10. Changes at North Korean Missile Operating Bases: Part 1
11. N. Korea's mass organizations lecture members about threats from abroad
12. North Korea restores train service to Russia, boosting hopes for tourists
13. North may be installing anti-South loudspeakers as balloon blitz continues
14. Chinese jets harassed Dutch warship on North Korea sanctions patrol: Netherlands
15. Sonic war: How propaganda loudspeakers have amplified inter-Korean strife