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6/11/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 06/11/2022 - 11:49am

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National Security News Content:
2. Ukrainian special-operations forces doubled in size while training with the US, top US special-ops commander says
3. How the Marine Corps went to war with itself over the next war
4. US: China's military activity around Taiwan threatens region
5. The Potential of Integrating Intelligence and Intuition
6. FDD | Hungary’s Orban Is Hardly a Model for American Conservatives
7. Ukraine pleads for weapons as 100-200 soldiers die a day
8. Communism Still Haunts Russia
9. Japanese PM Kishida Lays Out Indo-Pacific Strategy in Shangri-La Speech
10. Bizarre Drone Swarms That Harassed Navy Ships Demystified In New Docs
11. Inflation is at historic highs, but Americans are spending money like they don’t care
12. Lloyd Austin warns China against ‘provocative’ military activity near Taiwan
13. Japan Resets on Defense
14. Putin admits Ukraine invasion is an imperial war to “return” Russian land
15. Life under Russia’s brutal occupation in eastern Ukraine: ‘You can be shot at any moment’
16. Congress targets Harvard, Yale and top universities with China-linked endowments

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea names Choe Son-hui as new foreign minister in decision from party meeting
2. North Korea appoints nuclear negotiator as first woman foreign minister
3. S. Korea, U.S., Japan agree to ramp up joint efforts to counter N.K. missile threats
4. Stop Dawdling—Name a Special Envoy for North Korean Human Rights
5. Readout of Secretary Lloyd Austin’s Meeting With Republic of Korea Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-sup
6.  N. Korean leader urges stronger national defense; no new direct message toward U.S., S. Korea
7. Fifth Enlarged Plenary Meeting of Eighth WPK Central Committee Held
8. Austin stresses push for stronger 'extended deterrence' against N.K. nuke, missile threats
9.  S. Korea, U.S., Japan discuss combined military exercises amid N.K. threats
10. S. Korean defense minster meets senior Ukrainian diplomat in Singapore
11. S. Korea to actively consider economic support for Ukraine
12. Biden's mounting nuclear threats from North Korea, Iran


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