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5/8/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 05/08/2024 - 9:51am

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National Security News Content:

1. SOCOM chief sees 'renaissance' for special forces amid great power competition, evolving warfare
2. How Shannon Kent Became a Trailblazer Among US Special Operations Forces
3. Military technology on display at Tampa trade show
4. SNC: Engineering the Future of Special Operations
5. 'Power of Partnerships' Is Focus of Special Operations Forces Convention
6. US paused bomb shipment to Israel to signal concerns over Rafah invasion, official says
7. TikTok Sues to Block U.S. Ban
8. US military finishes Gaza pier, but plans to move it into place paused
9. Chinese warplane fired flares, put Australian Navy helicopter in danger, Canberra says
10. Rifle-Armed Robot Dogs Now Being Tested By Marine Special Operators
11. Explainer: how 'AI killer robots' are threatening global security
12. The US Has Never Pivoted to the Indo-Pacific
13. Israeli and Hamas Negotiators Are in Cairo Under Pressure for Cease Fire
14. Israel hasn't crossed "red line" with current Rafah operation, U.S. officials say
15. Decline of Senior Officer Integrity and Civilian Control of the Military
16. Ukraine’s Strained Military Tries a New Style of Recruitment
17. The Original Sin of Biden’s Foreign Policy
18. No, This Is Not a Cold War—Yet
19. East Asia’s Coming Population Collapse
20. Why Ukraine Should Keep Striking Russian Oil Refineries

Korean News Content:

1. Ex-Pentagon official stresses need for war plan rethink, swift OPCON transfer, USFK overhaul
2. North Korea and Iran — a new anti-Western alliance?
3. Exclusive: Ukraine examines N.Korean missile debris amid fears of Moscow-Pyongyang axis
4. Chinese warplane fired flares, put Australian Navy helicopter in danger, Canberra says
5. N. Korean leader congratulates Putin on inauguration
6. N. Korea's ex-propaganda chief Kim Ki-nam dies at 94: KCNA
7.  Ex-President Moon's memoir to be out later this month
8. Young N. Koreans question why the state demands absolute loyalty
9. After 7 infants die in North Korean orphanage, workers arrested for stealing food
10. <Inside N. Korea> Recruitment for the world's longest military service (3) Poor supplies, uniforms are late in coming, and thieves...Regime forces people to donate supplies to military
11. N. Korea is mysteriously delaying its constitutional amendment
12. Former North Korean diplomat named president of unification institute
13. What comes after UN Panel of Experts?
14. South Korea Plans $7 Billion Push to Pivot EV Battery Industry Away From China
15. South Korea holds live-fire drills to defend islands on North Korea’s doorstep
16. A Surprise South Korean Boom Is Going Unnoticed
17. Slaves to the Bomb: The Role and Fate of North Korea's Nuclear Scientists