Small Wars Journal

5/8/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 05/08/2023 - 6:09am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, May 7, 2023
2. U.S. Think Tank Reports Prompted Beijing to Put a Lid on Chinese Data
3. Iran hid weapons among earthquake aid to target U.S. troops, leak says
4. U.S. and Allies Look at Potential China Role in Ending Ukraine War
5. In Ukraine, A New Chance to Judge the Patriot Missile
6. To Keep Hackers Out of US Weapons, the Pentagon Needs to Get In
7. Ukraine war: 'Mad panic' as Russia evacuates town near Zaporizhzhia plant
8. ‘What is this insane war?’: a philosopher on Ukraine’s frontlines
9. Henry Kissinger on a potential artificial intelligence arms race
10. Is There a Security Umbrella for Ukraine?
11. The 25 Most Expensive Weapons in the US Military Budget Next Year
12. To counter Russia in Africa, Biden deploys a favored strategy
13. Failures in the “Deterrence Failure” Dialogue
14. Can Ukraine Get Justice Without Thwarting Peace?
15. Catastrophic Success: What if the Ukrainian Counteroffensive Achieves More than Expected?
17. U.S. Sanctions Drive Chinese Firms to Advance AI Without Latest Chips
18. China says relations with US on 'cold ice,' but stabilizing ties a 'top priority'
19. Homemade, Cheap and Lethal, Attack Drones Are Vital to Ukraine
20. What to know about Air Force Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr., the next potential Joint Chiefs chair
21. Could Taiwan’s next president impact a potential cross-strait crisis?
22.  Warren Buffett says US, China can compete and both ‘prosper’ amid rising tensions

Korean News Content:

1. Sometimes less is more: The most important 26 words of ROK-US summit
2. State visit consolidates economic vision for alliance
3. Japan’s Kishida Visits South Korea as Two U.S. Allies Confront ‘Grave’ Security Issues
4. Japanese PM pays respects to Seoul National Cemetery
5. Yoon and Kishida seek to transcend historical issues to normalize ties
6. Japan to allow Korean experts to inspect Fukushima plant
7. The Forces Behind South Korea’s and Japan’s Thaw
8.  S. Korea to attend new round of negotiations for IPEF this week
9. S. Korea plans to hold multinational WMD-interception exercise this month
10. Yoon's approval rating inches up for 2 weeks: poll
11. Japan leader expresses sympathy for Korean colonial victims
12. Kaesong farmers unhappy at city party committee’s focus on agitation activities
13. Nuri rocket to carry multi-purpose satellites when launched on May 24
14. IAEA Concerned About Safety of Ukraine's Nuclear Plant
15. Civic group sends anti-Pyongyang propaganda material to N. Korea via balloons
16. Defense chiefs of S. Korea, Japan likely to hold talks in early June: sources
17. Seoul to host MLB season-opening games in 2024: report
18. Allies eye talks to form trilateral security forum at G7 meeting
19. ‘The Glory’ Was a Hit. Now Netflix Is Spending More on K-Dramas.



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