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5/7/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 05/07/2024 - 8:33am

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National Security News Content:

1. Ghosts in the Machine: Irregular recruitment for an irregular force
2. Special Ops a Steady Presence in Chaotic World
3. Air Force Special Operators Developing Drone-Launched Swarms
4. GOVERNMENT PERSPECTIVE: Pathfinding, Transforming to Deter, Defeat Special Ops’ Evolving Enemies
5. Main Street on a Flattop aka Operation Flattop
6. HOPE, DELUSION, AND REALITY Joint Force Campaigning
7. Divisions in the Dirt: The Army’s plan for the next big war
8. US Troop Levels in Pacific Take Center Stage as Defense Secretary Huddles with Allied Defense Leaders
9. American troops return to strategic islands near Taiwan for air-assault practice
10. Will DOD need to start producing some medicines to protect troops?
11. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, May 6, 2024
12. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, May 6, 2024
13. U.S. Soldier Detained in Russia
14. Secure at Home, Putin Builds on the Alliances He Needs to Prevail in Ukraine
15. How DC became obsessed with a potential 2027 Chinese invasion of Taiwan
16. One defense strategy, two drastically different budgets
17. Soldier Shot During Special Forces Training Event After Live Ammo Mixed in with Blanks
18. Demonstration will bring simulated gunfire, helicopters to Florida during Special Operations Forces Week
19. The Drone Dilemma and the U.S. Air Force
20. America’s China Strategy Has a Credibility Problem
21. The Secret to Japanese and South Korean Innovation

Korean News Content:

1. A harsh fate for a North Korean defector
2. North Korea tests liquid propellant rocket engine: research group
3. N. Korean minister says Pyongyang ready to cooperate with Iranian carmaker Saipa
4. N. Korea promotes maternity protection policy amid low birthrate
5. FM's China visit to offer chance for improved relations
6. N. Korea's premier calls for enhancing irrigation amid food shortages
7. U.S. Soldier Detained in Russia (was serving in South Korea)
8. Secure at Home, Putin Builds on the Alliances He Needs to Prevail in Ukraine
9. Top S. Korean envoy to Russia attends Putin's inauguration ceremony: Seoul official
10. N. Korean military creates new department to boost use of AI technology
11. N. Korean police crack down on non-socialist behavior on trains
12. Outlines of China-North Korea agreement on defector repatriation shared with N. Korean public
13. Remains of N. Korean workers who died in Russia returned to families
14. The Secret to Japanese and South Korean Innovation