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5/3/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 05/03/2022 - 7:41am

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National Security News Content:

2. Biden Administration Foreign Policy Tracker: May
3. What Impact Did Canada’s Military Have on Ukrainian Resistance?
4. Special Operations Forces (SOF): The Integrators for Total Defense and Resistance
5. Wars, nuclear tests and Taliban 2.0: Global hotspots, far from Ukraine
6. Multiple dead after mysterious explosion at Russian ammunition plant
7. Tagging the Red Dragon: The Future of the Philippines’ Strategic Intelligence
8. To Win the Next War, the Pentagon Needs Nerds
9. The Difference Between America’s 2 Cold Wars
10. Japan-Russia ructions roiling Pacific waters
11. Lawmakers Worry Pentagon Will ‘Shortchange’ INDOPACOM’s Budget Request
12. Why the Chinese military wants thousands of 'made-to-order' noncommissioned officers
13. Another Cuban Missile Crisis?
14. Taiwan needs joint exercises, missiles, right now
15. Biden’s Javelin factory tour spotlights struggle to backfill Ukraine munitions
16. The UN Must Do More for Ukraine—and Itself
17. How AI Would — and Wouldn’t — Factor Into a U.S.-Chinese War
18. Partisan Fight Breaks Out Over New Disinformation Board
19. Pentagon budget aims to shrink the military by thousands
20. A Solution Desperately Seeking Problems: The Many Assumptions of JADC2
21. How NATO Could Strike Back if Putin Uses Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine

Korean News Content:

1. Biden Administration Foreign Policy Tracker: May (KOREA)
2. S. Korea, U.S. to begin two-week combined air drills next week: sources
3. U.S.-S. Korea alliance an incredibly important relationship: Psaki
4. U.S. continuing increased surveillance of N. Korea: Pentagon
5. A Nuclear South Korea? Why It Might Be the Best Option
6. South Koreans hack top-secret server in exchange for Bitcoin from North Korea - OKN
7. Two South Koreans arrested for helping Pyongyang steal ‘military secrets’
8. Will South Korea stop bankrolling Myanmar’s military?
9. Defense chief nominee says N. Korea may conduct normal-angle ICBM launch
10. S. Korea, China agree on close cooperation for stability in regional security
11. Incoming gov't to seek N. Korea's complete denuclearization, boost defense capability
12. Japan foreign minister to attend South Korean President-elect Yoon’s inauguration to mend frayed ties
13. Yoon asks for Australia's support over Quad working groups
14. S. Korea, Japan hold diplomatic consultations on strained ties
15. Four months after re-opening, China-North Korea rail traffic shuts again
16. What's behind North Korea's continued refusal to accept COVID-19 vaccines?
17. North Korea distributes pork to military units to mark 90th anniversary of army's founding