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5/31/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 05/31/2024 - 10:48am

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National Security News Content:

1. Open Source Intelligence Strategy
2. U.S. Allows Ukraine to Carry Out Limited Strikes Inside Russia With American Weapons
3. The Unusual Espionage Act Case Against a Drone Photographer
4. Israel could have used smaller weapons against Hamas to avoid deaths in Gaza tent fire, experts say
5. U.S., Chinese Defense Chiefs Confirm Plan to Reopen Hotlines in First Face-to-Face Meeting
6. Trump is trending on Chinese social media, and many are rejoicing
7. Taking the Fight to Russia: The West Weighs Ukraine’s Use of Its Weapons
8. Behind the scenes of the Pentagon’s race to aid in Taiwan’s defense
9. Stress Test: the April Earthquake and Taiwan’s Resilience
10. This ‘Cowboy’ Wants to Teach Princeton Kids About Greatness
11. US Intel says North Korean missile debris identified in Russian attack on Kharkiv: report
12. Why Trying to 'Defeat' the Chinese Communist Party Could Backfire
13. IDF unearths more tunnels, gains control of Philadelphi Corridor
14. Americans Are Thinking About Immigration All Wrong
15. Off Leash: Inside the Secret, Global, Far-Right Group Chat
16. How Myanmar’s civil war is rippling into the U.S. and around the world
17. US military conducts tunnel warfare exercise in Morocco
18. China's defence ministry condemns US missile deployment in Philippines
19. Five powers plan bigger, deeper Asia military drills
20. Ice Dragon: China’s Antarctic Strategy
21. Myanmar Is Fragmenting—but Not Falling Apart
22.  New Cold War proxy conflict brewing in Myanmar

Korean News Content:

1. UN Command is investigating North Korean balloons that carried bags of filth over border
2. Microsoft identifies new N. Korean hacker group 'Moonstone Sleet'
3. US Intel says North Korean missile debris identified in Russian attack on Kharkiv: report
4. DPRK (North Korea): Open Briefing (UN)
5. Ukraine War rips veil off of US weapons superiority
6. US military conducts tunnel warfare exercise in Morocco
7. N. Korean leader guides firing drill involving super-large multiple rocket launchers
8. N. Korea conducts GPS jamming attack for 3rd day
9. N. Korea warns of 'unpredictable disaster' over U.S. spy plane's latest flyover
10. 2 Koreas see no cross-border trade last year amid frozen ties: unification ministry
11.  U.S. has no plans to forward-deploy nuclear arms to Korean Peninsula: State Dept.
12.  Analysts see signs of strain in North Korea-China ties
13. International Forum on One Korea - Capitol Policy Forum  - “U.S. Support to a Free and Unified Korea” June 6th, 2024
14. Kim Jong-un's Fears Could Be Exploited
15. After 7-year hiatus, US groups resume humanitarian aid to North Korea
16. Why Is the North Korea Problem So Hard to Solve?
17. Kim a mortal menace or playing mind games?