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5/27/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 05/27/2024 - 11:14am

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National Security News Content:

1. do we understand enemies? reflection on Memorial Day by Cynthia Watson
2. A Memorial for Those We Lost in the Long Wars by Douglas Ollivant
3. Memorial Day: ‘Make It Matter’ by Mark Hertling
4.  ‘Never Been Done Before’: A True Investigation of a Failed American War
5. The high-speed X-plane that could revolutionize warfare
6. Biden Administration Presses Allies Not to Confront Iran on Nuclear Program
7. AI Is Driving ‘the Next Industrial Revolution.’ Wall Street Is Cashing In.
8. The New Theory of Ukrainian Victory Is the Same as the Old
9. An “America First” World – What Trump’s Return Might Mean for Global Order By Hal Brands
10. Memorial Day 2024: A soldier’s extraordinary speech on a somber day | Analysis
11. Low percentage of Americans in military is "deeply problematic as a democracy," Rep. Pat Ryan says
12. China preparing armada of ferries to invade Taiwan
13. Ukrainian strike on Russian nuclear radar system causes alarm in West
14.  US remains a ‘true believer’ in Asean, say top Biden diplomats
15. Despite fatigue and setbacks, 'Ukrainians mobilized on the front have no intention of laying down their arms'
16. Book Review: ‘The Art of Diplomacy,’ by Stuart E. Eizenstat
17. CT-based Colt's Manufacturing awarded $57 million contract for Army weapons
18. Myanmar’s Surprising Rebels Deserve a Shot
19. An Ominous Precedent for the Left’s Politicization of the Military

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea launches unidentified projectile southward over Yellow Sea: S. Korean military
2. Opinion  The U.S.-Japanese-South Korean relationship deepens, as does China’s threat By Max Boot and Sue Mi Terry
3. Experts call NK's satellite announcement attention-grabbing political maneuvering
4. North Korea say it plans to launch another satellite within a week
5. China silent on North Korea’s satellite launch plans at Seoul trilateral summit
6. Exclusive: From poison pens to suicide lipsticks, North Korean spy weapons on display in U.S.
7. South Korea flies fighters near border over North Korean spy satellite alarm
8. Editorial: China must commit to a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula
9. Seoul, Beijing, Tokyo reaffirm Korean Peninsula denuclearization commitment
10. U.S. calls on N. Korea to refrain from 'unlawful' space rocket launch
11. Leaders agree to revive 3-way cooperation, reaffirm security efforts (ROK, Japan, China)
12.  Korea ushers in new space era with KASA launch (South Korea)
13. N. Korea decries S. Korea's commitment to 'denuclearization' after trilateral summit
14. S. Korea, U.S, Japan to hold vice foreign ministerial talks in Virginia this week
15. The truth behind Kim Jong Un's "anti-reunification" policy