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5/23/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 05/23/2022 - 9:41am

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National Security News Content:

2. Pentagon Weighs Deploying Special Forces to Guard Kyiv Embassy
3. Options for Defining the Next U.S. Defense Challenge
4.  Biden: US would intervene with military to defend Taiwan
5. How to Prepare for the Next Ukraine
6. Spies’ night eyes: Once-restricted tech is helping spot Russian troops, Chinese missile sites and raging wildfires
7. Advancing Japanese diplomacy through the Quad: Why it matters for Tokyo
8. US SOF Applying Ukrainian Lessons Learned To Its Own Future Strategy | SOFX
9. Biden vows to defend Taiwan in apparent US policy shift
10. Belarusians join war seeking to free Ukraine and themselves
11. Putin complains about barrage of cyberattacks
12. Russia's withdrawal from Syria is an opportunity for Israel | Opinion
13. So Much for Reforming the World Health Organization
14. Aviation Giants Enter Final Stretch to Replace Black Hawk
15. Dodging shells, mines and spies: On the front with Ukraine’s snipers
16. It’s Time to Stop Giving Crypto Companies a Pass
17.  FDD | Consider Designating Russia as a Jurisdiction of Primary Money Laundering Concern
18. Philippines' Marcos says he discussed defence deal with U.S. envoy
19. Philippines Under a New Marcos Won’t Be an Easy US Ally
20. Pentagon says ‘no decisions have been made’ on special forces at Kyiv embassy
21. This soldier fought for Finland, Nazi Germany and U.S. Special Forces
22. Biden launches Indo-Pacific trade deal, warns over inflation
23. A new approach to defending Taiwan at the UN

Korean News Content:

1. Biden-Yoon Summit Love Fest
2. Yoon says S. Korea committed to supply chain resilience under IPEF
3. S. Korea to expeditiously push for 'normalization' of U.S. THAAD unit operation: defense chief
4. N. Korea reports 167,650 new suspected COVID-19 cases, one more death
5. Yoon administration's plan for N. Korea support tied with progress in denuclearization: minister
6. U.S.-led IPEF outweighs China-involving RCEP in population, GDP
7. Yoon says ball is in N.K's court for resumption of talks: CNN
8. Exclusive: South Korea's new leader says age of appeasing North Korea is over
9. South Korean activists stage anti-Biden rallies, call for peace on peninsula
10. Kim, other N. Koreans attend large funeral amid COVID worry
11. Analysis-S.Korea's Yoon Uses Biden Summit as Springboard for Global Agenda as China Looms
12. Five people in N. Pyongan Province sentenced to 15 years for stealing construction supplies
13. Children of N. Korean soldiers are dying from side effects of adults-only medications
14. N. Korea conducts mass testing in Pyongyang, people who refuse testing are labeled "disloyal"
15.  Elderly and sick die of COVID-19 complications in North Korean capital
16. <Interview from Inside N. Korea>“Nobody would know if isolated people die in their homes”…Severe shortages of medical supplies and food…No state rations for people in quarantine
17. Schools close as pandemic rages in North Korea