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5/2/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 05/02/2024 - 9:26am

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National Security News Content:

1. How To Stop an Invasion (Spoiler: "resistance warfare")
2. Taiwan:  Insurgents Needed
3. From ‘human wave’ to ‘salami slice’: Why China’s fearsome PLA may never fight
4. Woman was denied top-secret US security clearance for being a close relative of dictator
5. Active Measures: The Secret History of Disinformation and Political Warfare- Book Review
6. China’s election disinformation operations
7. The battle over TikTok’s future, explained
8. America and the new ‘axis of evil’
9. Is Bougainville the next battleground between China and the U.S.?
10. Nobody Is Competing With the U.S. to Begin With
11. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, May 1, 2024
12. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, May 1, 2024
13. Houthis could sever global internet lines by targeting submarine cables says Yemeni expert
14. China Has Crossed Biden’s Red Line on Ukraine
15. ‘I Will Never Forget Any of It’: Brittney Griner Is Ready to Talk
16. How the CV-22 Osprey has Transformed Special Operations
17. An ‘East Asian NATO’ is forming
18. The Myth of the Asian Swing State
19. How the U.S. Can Win the New Cold War
20. American Aid Alone Won’t Save Ukraine
21. Arctic Defense: The US Needs Polar Special Operations Forces Aligned with the 5 SOF Truths
22. The War of a Thousand Nowruzis: The Challenge Facing the Afghanistan War Commission
23. Bringing a Method to the Strategy Madness
24. The Case for Averting War Between Israel and Hizballah

Korean News Content:

1. HRNK Co-Chair Dr. Katrina Lantos Swett Receive Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation Dissident Human Rights Award
2. Sung-Yoon Lee, Sue Mi Terry Join HRNK's Board of Directors
3. Woman was denied top-secret US security clearance for being a close relative of dictator
4. [New faces of Assembly] Architect behind ‘audacious initiative’ believes in denuclearized North Korea
5.  America and the new ‘axis of evil’
6. Short-Term Gain for Long-Term Pain: Why a North Korea Deal Could Come At a High Price
7. Trump sticks to his guns on Korea troop withdrawal
8. South Korea ‘sensing geopolitical uncertainty’ avoids committing in potential Taiwan crisis, maintains mainland China ties
9. The Fight Over THAAD in Korea
10. Transitional Justice in South Korea: A Turn to the Courts?
11. <Inside N. Korea> Recruitment for the world's longest military service (2) Bribery in the military selection process... an unbridgeable gap between rich and poor before military life even begins
12. An ‘East Asian NATO’ is forming
13. Anti-terrorism alert raised for 5 overseas S. Korean diplomatic missions
14. China further repatriates hundreds of N. Korean defectors: civic group
15. N. Korea dismantles S. Korean building near shuttered Kaesong complex
16. N. Korea holds 1st meeting of police officials in 12 years amid drive to tighten social control
17. 50 UN members eye alternative to disbanded North Korea monitoring panel
18. Chongjin's bowling alleys, inns, and hotels criticized as "hotbeds of non-socialist behavior"
19. Dennis Halpin, advocate for North Korean refugees and comfort women, dies at 75