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5/22/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 05/22/2024 - 8:29am

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National Security News Content:

1. Andor: An Irregular Warfare Story
2. U.S. Says Historic Israel-Saudi Normalization Deal Within Reach but Israel Might Balk
3. Ukraine Pays the Price for U.S. Dithering Over Military Aid
4. ‘What’s the Problem?’ Zelensky Challenges West Over Hesitations.
5. Opinion  Six experts weigh in on the ICC’s warrants on Israeli and Hamas leaders
6. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, May 21, 2024
7. Faceless people, fire and ghosts: US Army releases ‘weirdest recruitment ad’ for psychological operations
8. Philippines seeks Asia logistics hub status, banking on US ties
9. As Taiwan’s New President Takes Office, Can China Seize Taiwan Without Firing a Single Shot?
10. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, May 21, 2024
11. To Lam takes office as Vietnam’s president
12. Foreign Purchase of U.S. Ammo Maker Sparks National-Security Battle
13. US and China should cooperate on reducing Asian nuclear threats, scholars say
14. Gaza aid pier mission involving US troops is off to a chaotic start
15. China Possesses American MIM-104 Patriot Missile Defense System? Claims Surface
16. Ireland, Spain, Norway announce recognition of Palestinian state
17. Revised Lift Fan Aircraft Concept Emerges From Special Ops X-Plane Program
18. Army chief of staff: We don’t need a drone branch
19. Inside the USS Carney’s harrowing and unprecedented deployment
20. The Case for a Prospective U.S. Cyber Force
21. Ukraine Needs More Than Crisis Management
22. The End of Nordic Neutrality

Korean News Content:

1. North Korean nuke scientists are ‘slaves’ of regime’s weapons programs: Report
2. Unlike N. Korea and Iran, China is not sending arms to Russia: Blinken
3. Russia likely offering N. Korea technology aid to expand threats to U.S., others: Pentagon official
4. Fox in the Henhouse: The Growing Harms of North Korea’s Remote IT Workforce
5. North Korean IT workers game U.S. companies' hiring practices
6. US expects South Korea and Japan to manage ties with China at summit amid growing differences
7. North Korean toy store blows up on state media with ICBM-themed fireworks
8. US and China should cooperate on reducing Asian nuclear threats, scholars say
9. South Korea cracks down on viral North Korean song praising Kim Jong Un
10. North Korea's imports of oil from China and Russia are going to military units
11. Former President Moon Jae-in’s memoir sparks ‘Three Lady Kims’ controversy
12. Portraits of N. Korean leader, two late predecessors displayed side by side
13. South Korea, U.S. hold rare meeting of special operations commanders amid North's threats
14. U.S. envoy discusses N.K. human rights with S. Korean official ahead of visit to abduction site