Small Wars Journal

5/19/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 05/19/2023 - 9:45am

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National Security News Content:

1. On This Day - T.E. Lawrence Died
2. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, May 18, 2023
3. G7 leaders gather on China's doorstep to seek unified response to Beijing's threat
4. Unmanned Weapons Will Save Innocent Lives in War, Former SOCOM Chief Says
5. Exclusive: Pentagon accounting error overvalued Ukraine weapons aid by $3 billion
6. Accounting error means Pentagon can send more weapons to Ukraine
7. The Decade That Cannot Be Deleted (Mao and the Cultural Revolution)
8. Why Is the Chinese Communist Party Educating Children in American Classrooms?
9. Russia's military has adapted and is now a more formidable enemy for Ukraine, defense analysts say
10. G7 steps up Russia sanctions in bid to slow war effort
11. Russia fires cruise missiles at Ukrainian targets
12. Ghosts of war haunt G7 as leaders face up to Chinese menace
13. US Medics Must Learn from Ukraine’s Harsher War, Report Says
14. US signals to allies it won't block their export of F-16 jets to Ukraine
15. The Week In Russia: At Daggers Drawn
16. IG Report for OES - Afghanistan (May 2023) | SOF News
17. The Perfect Tool for Scaling U.S. Defense Investment
18. China Is Bailing Out Its Bad Bets, and Handing the West a Geopolitical Opening
19. Taiwan: One China Principle or Just a Policy?
20. Opinion | Why the U.S. should prioritize Taiwan over Ukraine
21. China's economy is growing again. So why are investors getting out?
22. U.S. officials walk back claim drone strike killed senior al-Qaeda leader
23. China’s Status Anxiety
24. The New Meaning of Hiroshima
25. Russia’s New Nuclear Normal

Korean News Content:

1. Statement of Julie Turner  Nominee to be Special Envoy for North Korean Human Rights Issues, with the Rank of Ambassador
2. Yoon arrives in Japan for G-7 summit, meetings with Biden, Kishida
3. N. Korean family decided to cross border amid tightened COVID-19 control: spy agency
4. Yoon, Australia PM agree to increase cooperation in defense, arms
5. North Korea bristles at planned South-U.S. live-fire drills
6. NIS believes Seoul restaurant was covert Chinese police station: lawmaker
7. Defectors in China who fail to reach S. Korea complain of mental anguish
8. Mirim Horse Riding Club is for the exclusive use of N. Korea’s elite
9. Yoon harnesses G-7 debut to overcome past disputes with Japan
10. N. Korea's 1st military spy satellite launch likely be timed with key July anniv.: experts
11. U.S.-led Hostile Forces' Ceaseless War Provocations under Fire (KCNA Propaganda)
12. South Korea-US Alliance Is at a Critical Juncture for Cybersecurity Cooperation
13. North Korea Responsible for 30% of All Cryptocurrency Stolen Since 2017
14. Navy to commission new frigate named after warship torpedoed by N. Korea in 2010
15. North Korean student beaten to death by soldiers after trying to take some fuel to pay school fees
16. As US-China rivalry mounts, South Korea wants to be a ‘global pivotal state’ but it’s not as easy as it sounds



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