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5/19/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 05/19/2022 - 7:46am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, May 18 (PUTIN'S WAR)
2. Raising the Flag at U.S. Embassy Kyiv
3. How China uses global media to spread its views — and misinformation
4.  How the Biden administration let right-wing attacks derail its disinformation efforts
5. Military briefing: why Russia and Ukraine are fighting over a Black Sea outcrop
6. Military Assistance to Ukraine: Rediscovering the Virtue of Courage
7. The Strongman Cometh
8. Incredible Success Of Ukraine’s Bayraktar TB2: The Ghost Of Snake Island
9. US troops are going back to Somalia, but not for ‘combat’
10. Special operators need counter-drone, counter-IED tech in a smaller package
11. Military Assistance to Ukraine: Rediscovering the Virtue of Courage
12. Special ops force calls for ‘untethered’ tool for recon and resupply
13. Spec ops optics: US forces seek new sights and ways to defeat fog
14. Murder on the Beach (Paraguay)
15. Russian Political Warfare Is a Rising Menace
16. Red Cross registers hundreds of Ukrainian POWs from Mariupol
17. Spy agencies urged to fix open secret: A lack of diversity
18. Indo-Pacific Economic Framework is not an FTA: 5 things to know
19. Helmet cam footage triggers medal upgrade for soldier killed in Niger ambush
20. Green Berets, weaponized robots team up for offensive operations
21.  US intel shows Russians fear Mariupol abuse will backfire
22. Ukrainians kill "high-ranking" soldiers, blow up Russian train: Reports
23. Opinion | To counter Putin’s aggression in Ukraine, look to Ronald Reagan
24. Understanding Russia’s War: The Strange Philosophy Of Aleksandr Dugin – Analysis
25. The Quad Needs a Harder Edge
26.  Report: Collapse of Afghan Military in 2021 - SOF News
27. On this Day in History: Lawrence of Arabia dies

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korean missile or nuclear test very possible during Biden's Asia trip: Sullivan
2. N. Korea reports 1 additional death amid COVID-19 outbreak
3. Defense chiefs of S. Korea, U.S. discuss N.K. nuke, missile threats in phone call
4. N. Korea yet to fully develop hypersonic missile, but its testing raises concerns: U.S. official
5. North Korea likely to launch ICBM within 48 to 96 hours: US official
6. When Yoon meets Biden
7. US’ leadership’s approval jumps to 59% in S. Korea
8. Rethinking Sanctions Against North Korea: Strategic Shifts and their Implications
9. Readout of Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III's Call With Republic of Korea Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-sup
10. North Korea has a growing arsenal of nuclear weapons — and seems willing to use them
11. USFK chief stresses need for 'unfettered access' to THAAD unit in S. Korea
12. Tea and infomercials: N. Korea fights COVID with few tools
13. The potential instability of a COVID-19 ravaged North Korea
14. US/South Korea: Promote Rights in North Korea
15. As Biden sets sights on Asia, new South Korea leader awaits with open arms
16. Biden has an eye on China as he heads to South Korea, Japan
17. Analysis: South Korea and Japan just don't get along. That's a problem for Biden
18.  N.K. gauges timing for nuclear test after completing preparations: spy agency
19. NK leader unlikely to have received COVID-19 vaccine: spy agency