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5/13/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 05/13/2024 - 8:40am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, May 12, 2024
2. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, May 12, 2024
3. Russia’s defense minister replacement suggests Kremlin preparing for protracted war in Ukraine - ISW
4. Suddenly There Aren’t Enough Babies. The Whole World Is Alarmed.
5. Fighting Flares Anew in Gaza as Hamas Reconstitutes
6. U.S.-China talks on AI risks set to begin in Geneva
7. Russia’s Bombardment of Ukraine Is More Lethal Than Ever
8. New strategic military sites in Philippines exercised in Balikatan
9. Mighty dollar pushes Asian governments to boost currency protection
10. The New Propaganda War
11. The US Army says it wants to recruit more psychological warfare 'nerds'
12. Inside Israel, It’s a Very Different War
13. German Automakers VW, Traton Help to Supply Myanmar Junta With Trucks: Report
14. Assessing the Integration of Artificial Intelligence into National Security Assessments
15. The sights of SOF Week 2024 [Photos]
16. American Aid Ship Heads to Gaza, but the System for Unloading It Still Isn’t in Place
17. Why Israel’s ‘clear and leave’ strategy against Hamas isn’t working by Max Boot
18. Key Takeaways from Biden Administration Report on Israeli Use of US Weapons
19. ‘Civil War’ sends a message that’s more dangerous than the violence it depicts onscreen
20. NATO Cannot Survive Without America
21. America, China, and the Trap of Fatalism

Korean News Content:

1. Exclusive: North Korean nuclear experts lead oppressive lives as “slaves to the bomb”
2. N.K. leader calls for increased artillery capabilities during visit to arms factories
3. Top diplomats of S. Korea, China set to hold talks on bilateral ties, N. Korea
4. N.K. hacking group stole massive amount of personal info from S. Korean court computer network
5. Cuban diplomat visits Seoul for talks on opening embassy
6. Unification minister discusses N.K. threats, bilateral ties with Slovak FM
7. N. Korean defectors send balloons carrying anti-Pyongyang leaflets to North
8. N. Korean support-the-troops program gets a failing grade due to "unethical behavior"
9. <Inside N. Korea>Hungry elderly people flock to government office to demand rice, leading police to mobilize to put down unrest…Hyesan city
10. Warning Shot: America’s strike on China’s embassy 25 years ago sent a strong signal to North Korea
11. Navy conducts live-fire drills in East Sea with Army, Air Force
12. Samsung doubles down on Vietnam
13. Veteran of spy war fights for justice
14. South Korea's increasing need for self-defense
15. Gwangju and the echoes of democracy
16. Despite sanctions, N. Korea continues imports of parts for electronics
17. N. Korean laborers work nights to finish Hwasong residential development project
18. Controversy over 'North Korea praising video' during anti-war demonstrations at U.S. universities