Small Wars Journal

5/13/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 05/13/2023 - 10:34am

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National Security News Content:

1. Special Ops Civilian Chief Speaks of Future of Community
2. Wendy Sherman Out at State after Report Alleging She Delayed China Sanctions
3. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, May 12, 2023
4. Russia's war on Ukraine latest: Moscow denies reports of Ukrainian breakthroughs
5. Russia acknowledges retreat north of Bakhmut, Wagner boss calls it a 'rout'65. Why the US delayed China sanctions after shooting down a spy balloon
6. Why the US delayed China sanctions after shooting down a spy balloon
7. Russia wants "Family Guy" banned over "offensive" depiction of country
8. What Happened to Russian Hybrid War?
9. Help! My Political Beliefs Were Altered by a Chatbot!
10. Disinformation, Covert Influence, and Cyber-Espionage Still a Major Problem on Social Media, Latest Meta Report Reveals
11. How Taiwan once used female voice to win hearts and minds in China
12. In China, the Police Came for the Consultants. Now the C.E.O.s Are Alarmed.
13. G7 finance heads face tricky trade-off in debating steps to counter China
14. Exclusive: G7 summit statement to target China's 'economic coercion'
15. Should India enter into a military alliance with the US against China?
16. Ukraine's path to victory
17. Ukraine has choice of targets as it plots counteroffensive
18. EXPLAINED: Why Russia’s Bakhmut Denials Are Signs of ‘Increased Panic’

Korean News Content:

1. Washington Declaration: Restoring The Pacific Balance – Analysis
2. South Korea-Japan Deal Helps Counter Pyongyang, Adviser Says
3. Japan, South Korea eye visit by team of experts as Fukushima nuclear plant prepares water release
4. Blinken says retiring deputy secretary Sherman helped deepen U.S. relations with key allies, including Korea
5. Korean proficiency highly sought after for jobs in Vietnam
6. S. Korea, US stage friendship flight during memorial for late US veteran
7. #ROK: #Japan: Working in alliance vs the #PRC
8. North Korea cracks down on bribery in prisons
9. Scarce drinking water in North Korea during severe spring drought
10. Google chooses Korean for its AI-based chatbot service
11. S. Korea, Japan agree on Seoul team's four-day visit to assess nuclear water release plan
12. S. Korea lags in some key defense technologies: report



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