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5/1/24National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 05/01/2024 - 2:14pm

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National Security News Content:

1. NATO Prepares to Face Russia—and Problems of Its Own
2. The Dark-Horse Alliance Racing Forward to Take On China
3. Why China Is So Bad at Disinformation
4. AI hits trust hurdles with U.S. military
5. Foreign Policy Starts in Your Own Neighborhood
6. Will Putin Test NATO Article 5 in the Black Sea Region?
7. Another Historic Year for the PLA Navy
8. America is Losing Tomorrow’s War in the Indo-Pacific
9. Here’s how the US-led humanitarian aid pier off Gaza will work
10. A 98-year-old in Ukraine walked miles to safety from Russians, with slippers and a cane
11. Time Magazine Interview: How Far Trump Would Go
12. Here’s when the US Army will pick next long-range spy plane
13. Retired officer called to court-martial at Fort Belvoir on sexual assault charge previously declined
14. Marines create new monitor job to support dual-military couples
15. Will Hamas Say No?
16. Why Israel is so determined to launch an offensive in Rafah. And why so many oppose it
17. 'Send Me': Senior chief Shannon Kent and the hunt for ISIS
18. The Marine officer who saved 8,000 lives at the ‘Frozen Chosin’
19. Washington Is Missing the Point on Alternatives to the Belt and Road Initiative
20. China Humiliated Blinken But Blinken Kept Begging

Korean News Content:

1. Trump suggests U.S. could withdraw its troops if S. Korea does not contribute more to support USFK: TIME
2. Trump rekindles criticism: US forces defending 'wealthy' S. Korea 'free of charge'
3.  Japan's leader Fumio Kishida on countering threat of China and North Korea
4. U.S. calls on N. Korea to give 'full' accounting of Japanese abductees
5. N. Korean media makes no mention of Cuba among nations sending congratulatory messages over late founder's birthday
6. South Korea considers joining alliance for sharing military technology with Australia, US and UK
7. South Korea plans $4B in new weapons investments, including $583M of SM-3s - Breaking Defense
8. The Marine officer who saved 8,000 lives at the ‘Frozen Chosin’
9. N. Korea orders confiscation of all cell phones owned by Russia-based workers
10. N. Korea's single mothers face severe levels of discrimination
11. Kim Jong-un spends $1.82 billion per year on elite perks, report says
12. The shortsighted US-Japan-South Korea military pact
13. Defeat for South Korea’s Ruling Party Won't Dim Pro-US Stance
14. Rehabilitating Syngman Rhee
15. Washington Backed a Coup Against South Korean Democracy