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5/12/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 05/12/2024 - 12:12pm

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National Security News Content:

1. US special operations leaders are having to do more with less and learning from the war in Ukraine
2. There’s Not Enough Power for America’s High-Tech Ambitions
3. Moscow hiring gangsters to sabotage Western factories helping Ukraine?
4. Ukraine's pilots are flying high-risk 'wild weasel' missions first developed in the Vietnam War by the USAF, says defense analyst
5. The U.S. Felon Succeeding Putin’s Notorious ‘Chef’
6. THE MONTH IN GREAT POWER COMPETITION ECONOMICS EDITION – A Monthly Report on Great Power Activities and Strategic Intent
7. Henry Huiyao Wang: China Can Play a Greater role in Mediating Major International Conflicts
8. US General: 'Russia will not stop with Ukraine unless they're stopped in Ukraine'
9. Special Forces told about the operation on the left bank of the Kherson region
10. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, May 11, 2024
11. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, May 11, 2024
12. She Was at the Top of the State Department. Now She’s Ready to Talk.
13. Biden 'is offering Israel top secret intelligence detailing exact locations of Hamas leaders and their hidden tunnels in bid to stave off full-scale invasion of Rafah'
14. The Secret to Talking to an AI Chatbot
15. Yahya Sinwar Helped Start the Gaza War. Now He’s Key to Its Endgame.
16. Fooled by AI? These firms sell deepfake detection that’s ‘REAL 100%.’
17. US Army Chief of Staff reflects on the need for “difficult choices”
18. On a D.C. sidewalk, a race to save a Marine general’s life
19. US Marine officer claims 40% of drones the IDF has shot down were their own, report says

Korean News Content:

1. Senior Official for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) Pak’s Meeting with People’s Republic of China (PRC) Special Representative on Korean Peninsula Affairs Liu
2. N. Korea expresses full support for Palestinian U.N. membership
3. Spy agency seeks to block access to propaganda song praising NK leader
4. NIS looking into N. Korea's suspected provision of weapons to Russia
5. Seoul remains low-key on China's forced repatriation of NK defectors in hopes for fence-mending, 3-way summit
6. F-4 fighter jets hold farewell flight after over five decades of service
7. North Korea: Thousands held in prison camps while authorities maintain control over speech and clothing
8. FOLLOW-UP: Japan and South Korea are itching to sign up to Aukus. But trust is an issue
9. Korean businesses look self-conscious in front of Washington
10. A provocative sculpture by South Korean artist becomes a highlight of Washington
11. Editorial: South Korea needs urgent action to protect consumers from hazardous Chinese imports