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4/8/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 04/08/2022 - 8:44am

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National Security News Content:

2. How Open-Source Data Got the Russia-Ukraine War Right
3. Fact Sheet: U.S. Security Assistance to Ukraine
4. Russia spokesperson admits to "significant" loss of troops in Ukraine
5. Finland's NATO application could be imminent
6. Zelenskyy wants Ukraine to be ‘a big Israel.’ Here’s a road map.
7. ‘Where Is the Line Where Immoral Becomes Evil?’
8. In the fight against Putin, Senate unanimously approves measure that once helped beat Hitler
9. How Joe Biden's Lend-Lease for Ukraine could turn the tide of war
10. America may have just taken the lead in hypersonic cruise missile technology
11.U.S. opens door to new weapons, training for Ukraine
12. For a Lasting Peace, Europe Must Embrace Russia
13. Call out Chinese Spying for the Threat it Is
14. The Ukraine conflict and the problems of conflict termination
15. Cold War 2.0 and the New American Century
16. It’s also important to win the information war with Putin’s Russia
17. Putin's War - April 8, 2022 Update | SOF News
18. Romania Calls for Permanent US Presence, Air Policing to Deter Russia
19. Milley Says Ukrainians Using Land Mines 'Effectively,' Reopening Debate About Controversial Weapons
20. US Cyber Command reinforces Ukraine and allies amid Russian onslaught
21. Human rights vote at U.N. highlights stark divisions over Russia
22. As Ukraine Pummels Russians With Javelin Missiles, Can Production Keep Pace With Demand?
23. Israel Is Not Russia, and Palestinians Are Not Ukraine
24. Putin’s winning streak in European politics
25. Poland considering Italian, Korean alternatives to backfill MiG-29s

Korean News Content:

1. Seoul to push for summit between President-elect Yoon and Biden at early date: delegation
2. Complete, verifiable denuclearization of N. Korea difficult but must achieve goal: Goldberg
3. Kim Yo-jong statement a choreographed move to create tension: U.S. intelligence official
4. North Korea’s March 24 ICBM Launch: What if It Was the Hwasong-17?
5. Could the world's next nuclear power be U.S. ally South Korea?
6. South Korea Must Pick a Side
7. Tensions With North Rise as South Korea’s President-Elect Takes Tougher Line
8. Defense ministry begins relocation for presidential office
9. UNC deputy chief urges 'common sense,' dialogue amid concerns about potential N.K. provocations
10. Restoration work ongoing at N.Korea's nuclear test site: report
11. HarperNorth lands 'harrowing' story of woman who escaped North Korea twice
12. North demolishing hotel that was symbol of Korean engagement
13. What Russia's invasion means for Korean Peninsula
14. Experts voice concerns over Yoon's US-centered foreign policy

14. Experts voice concerns over Yoon's US-centered foreign policy