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4/4/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 04/04/2022 - 7:37am

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National Security News Content:

2. Retired Army major general: The Russian military invasion has peaked (Interview with retired US Army Major General Mike Repass)
3. Spies come in from the cold as intelligence goes unexpectedly public in Ukraine war
4. Russia shifting focus to show a victory by early May in eastern Ukraine, US officials say
5. What Does Arming an Insurgency in Ukraine Mean?
6. War-Gaming Taiwan: When Losing to China Is Winning
7. Solomon Islands Says It Will Not Allow China Military Base
8. The KMT’s Defense Policy: Toward a Symmetric Posture
9. Zelensky invites Merkel, Sarkozy to Bucha to look at results of concessions to Russia
10. An elite Ukrainian drone unit on quad bikes ambushed Russian forces, helping to defeat Putin's plan to capture Kyiv, report says
11. Finland appears closer to joining NATO despite Russia's threat of military consequences if it does
12. How two dozen retired generals are trying to stop an overhaul of the Marines
13. What Lessons is China Taking from the Ukraine War?
14. Navy and Marines Divided Over the Amphibious Fleet’s Future as Delays and Cancellations Mount in FY 2023 Budget Request
15. Options to Modify Title 10 U.S. Code to Improve U.S. Security Force Assistance
16. Why China won’t mediate an end to the Ukraine war by Joseph S. Nye
17. Pentagon policies don’t do enough to prevent harm to civilians: report
18. Navy SEALs can’t use Washington parks for training, judge says
19. Biden Told the Truth: Putin Has to Go By Garry Kasparov
20. Latest atrocities in Ukraine were inevitable and won’t be the last
21. Ukraine War Update - April 4, 2022 | SOF News
22. Wargaming a Long War: Ukraine Fights On


Korean News Content:

1. Normalization of Korea-U.S. alliance will be key topic in meetings
2. Why South Korea’s Place Is in the Quad
3. Kim's sister in North Korea enraged by Seoul's preemptive strike comments
4. N.Korean Hackers 'Stole Missile Intercept Technology'
5. Yoon seeks to strengthen alliance with U.S., joint efforts to denuclearize N. Korea: delegation chief
6. S. Korea urges N. Korea to stop escalating tensions
7. Yoon to complete Cabinet nominations by next week
8. Hope and worry coexist about prime minister nominee Han
9. Jim Rogers to serve as inter-Korean cooperation project adviser for Paju city
10.  Fears grow over China's retaliation to Korea's planned fines for shipping firms
11. Korea to conduct full-fledged solid-fuel space rocket launch in 2025
12. Yoon faces familiar dilemma over restoring Japan relations
13. Two Koreas hold daily liaison call despite Pyongyang's renewed threat
14. Many North Koreans react to test launch of Hwasong-17 with criticism
15. How Washington and Seoul Can Get on the Same Page to Deter North Korea