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4/26/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 04/26/2024 - 9:27am

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National Security News Content:

1. At Army’s special-ops school, the biggest changes in a generation

2. Blinken Meets With Xi as U.S. Pressures China to End Support for Russia

3. States Take On China in the Name of National Security

4. Competing agendas and cover songs: Inside Trump’s talks with foreign leaders

5. Mitch McConnell Wants Military Buildup After Big Win on Ukraine Aid

6. Army Begins Work on Floating Pier Meant to Get More Aid to Gaza, U.S. Says

7. US-led Gaza humanitarian aid pier comes under fire, UN officials say

8. Ukraine pulls US tanks from front lines over Russian drone threats

9. A New Pacific Arsenal to Counter China

10. What does Taiwan get from the foreign aid bill and why is the US economy among the biggest winners?

11. U.S. to Withdraw Troops From Chad, Dealing Another Blow to Africa Policy

12. College Football Playoff Announces Decision On Army vs. Navy Game

13. How Does SOF Incorporate Technology, Evolve, and Simultaneously Compete with 5 Threats Across 5 Domains?

14. More arrests and a canceled commencement as college antiwar rallies spread

15. Network Behind Eruption of Anti-Israel College Campus Protests Revealed in New Report

16. The Campus-Left Occupation That Broke Higher Education

17. Ukrainians Increasingly Taking War Behind Russian Lines—and Moscow Is Worried

18. US Army to shift aviation force structure back to tailored brigades

19. Lidar: Another emerging technology brought to you by China

20. Forging the Force: A Joint Task Force in the Indo-Pacific

21. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, April 25, 2024

22. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, April 25, 2024

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korean leader calls for nurturing more military commanders on key military anniv.

2. Unification minister, U.S. envoy to visit site of N.K. abduction next month

3. S. Korea to acquire SM-3 shipborne missiles by 2030

4. S. Korea, Japan could consider simplified entry agreement amid warming ties: Seoul official

5. Exclusive: Kim Jong-un’s annual expenditures are enough to feed people for 3 years

6. Upcoming UN report will shed new light on North Korea’s human rights abuses, experts say

7. Stronger Alliance or Nuclear Weapons? North Korea’s Military Might Means Tough Choices for South Korea

8. China, North Korea denounce Japan’s involvement with AUKUS

9. Japanese firm says its part found on North Korean missile is fake: report

10. <Inside N. Korea>Recruitment for the world's longest military service(1) This year 8 years for men, 5 years for women