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4/23/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 04/23/2024 - 10:37am

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National Security News Content:

1. U.S. Takes Aim at Chinese Banks Aiding Russia War Effort
2. The Axis of Upheaval – How America’s Adversaries Are Uniting to Overturn the Global Order
3.  China's Alternative Order – And What America Should Learn From It
4. All Powers Great and Small – Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better in Geopolitics
5. US vs. Russia: Why the Biden strategy in Africa may be failing
6. Chinese General Takes a Harsh Line on Taiwan at an International Naval Gathering
7. Iran's air defense purchase from Russia backfires
8. It’s the End of the Web as We Know It
9. As the US Air Force fleet keeps shrinking, can it still win wars?
10. China sees foreign threats ‘everywhere’ as powerful spy agency takes center stage
11. Russian man sentenced to 5 years of labor for criticizing war in Ukraine
12. China's new H-20 stealth bomber 'not really' a concern for Pentagon, says intel official
13. Special Forces soldiers in NW Florida still awaiting child care center
14. The Illusion of Conventional War: Europe Is Learning the Wrong Lessons from the Conflict in Ukraine
15. Army rethinks its approach to AI-enabled risks via Project Linchpin
16. TikTok Digs In to Fight US Ban With 170 Million Users at Stake
17. Army captain gives up his rank to enlist in the Marine Corps
18. Could the Philippines be the spark for the next global conflict?
19. America’s crisis of repetition is hurting national security by Nadia Schadlow
20. The use of AI in war games could change military strategy
21. Proxy Wars from a Global Perspective: Non-State Actors and Armed Conflicts (Book Review)
22. Solving the Houthi Threat to Freedom of Navigation
23. Why Myanmar’s War Matters, Even if the World Isn’t Watching
24. Poland ready to host US nuclear weapons, Duda says

Korean News Content:

1. Beyond Utopia: More than a Tale of Two Countries
2. N. Korea says Kim guided simulated nuclear counterattack drill
3. S. Korea, U.S. hold consultations on nuclear energy, nonproliferation
4. S. Korea to launch 1st nanosatellite this week, part of satellite constellation project
5. Yoon, Romanian president agree to strengthen cooperation in defense, nuclear energy
6. Hanwha Aerospace likely to sign additional deal for Chunmoo with Poland: sources
7. U.S. Takes Aim at Chinese Banks Aiding Russia War Effort
8. Smuggling of used cars into North Korea rises amid post-COVID demand
9. <Inside N. Korea> Crackdown on primitive slash-and-burn farmers who hide in the mountains shows Kim Jong-un’s uncompromising efforts to control his population
10. Korea is Having its AI Moment
11. N. Koreans scoff at government's propaganda about childcare programs
12. Early launch of defense cost sharing talks won't eliminate 'Trump risk': experts
13. 3 NK hacking groups execute concerted attack on 10 S. Korean defense firms: police