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4/2/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 04/02/2024 - 9:26am

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National Security News Content:

1. World Central Kitchen Suspends Gaza Aid Operations After Workers Killed
2. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, April 1, 2024
3. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, April 1, 2024
4. The Beard Domain Is Absurd, but That Was the Point
5. Does the U.S. Need a 10,000-Strong Cyber Force? New Report Gives a Big Yes.
6. Are Beijing and Washington testing the dark forest hypothesis?
7. US defense official had 'Havana syndrome' symptoms during a 2023 NATO summit, the Pentagon confirms
8. Iran Says the Deadly Israeli Strike in Damascus Will Not Go Unanswered
9. What to know about U.S. military aid to Israel
10. China’s Advancing Efforts to Influence the U.S. Election Raise Alarms
11. Army Budget Invests in Lessons from Ukraine with Focus on Deterring China   - Defense Opinion
12. The Iranians Pay a Price in Syria
13. ISW: Intel Brief: March 2024 Newsletter
14. Indo-Pacific security hinges on cross-domain technology
15. Mine the Gap: How Washington and Canberra Can Improve Their Asymmetric Capabilities
16.  Nothing "Great" About It: World War I, the Rise of the American National Security State, and the Espionage Act
17. What Japan’s Military Reorganization Means for US-Japanese Bilateral Operations
18. A Sea Change? U.S.-Philippine Irregular Statecraft in the South China Sea
19. China Is Still Rising
20. How to Take on Haiti’s Gangs
21. Russian Threat Perception and Nuclear Strategy in its Plans for War with China

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea fires intermediate-range ballistic missile into East Sea: JCS
2. S. Korea, U.S., Japan stage joint aerial drills following N.K. missile launch
3. Nuclear envoys of S. Korea, U.S., Japan condemn N. Korea's missile launch
4. S. Korea condemns N. Korea's attempt to meddle in April general elections
5. <Inside N. Korea> Overseas worker deployments accelerate, some leave within a month...There’s a surge in applicants amid hardship
6. US Indo-Pacific Command condemns N. Korean missile launch
7. South Korea’s Hanwha Ocean Makes $649 Million Offer for Austal
8. Korea must seek new momentum in 'Asia New 7'
9. Civilian drone footage shows signs of life in sleepy North Korean city
10. North Korea Missile Test Hints at Greater Menace to U.S. Bases
11. Pentagon: North Korea continues to supply weapons to Russia
12.  Yoon says N. Korea's missile launch aimed at causing confusion ahead of election
13. Deplorable end to UN mission (Korea – UN Panel of experts)
14. Envisioning S Korea's role in a Taiwan war