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4/1/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 04/01/2024 - 9:55am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, March 31, 2024
2. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, March 31, 2024
3. A Homeland Warning About ISIS-K
4. China’s Defense Budget Has Only One Trajectory: Up
5. The Dollar Is More Armored Division Than Currency
6. Russian assassination unit linked to U.S. officials' "Havana syndrome"
7. Former CENTCOM commander warns ISIS online radicalization among ‘most dangerous methods’ for attack
8. Beijing Deplores Taiwan’s Next President, but Welcomes an Old One
9. Against All Odds, Army Making Solid Progress on Modernization
10. The Navy Needs 355 Ships by 2030
11. The Celebrity Chef Who Beat the U.S. Military at Getting Aid Into Gaza
12. On the Hamilton Affair
13. How the FBI’s visit to a Muslim woman became a right-wing rallying cry
14. From ‘War on the Rocks’ to ‘AI on the Rocks’: A New Chapter for an Ambitious Project
15. America’s Pacific Partnerships Are Secure—For Now
16. Analysis | China decries U.S. ‘bullying.’ But, to many, China is the bully.
17.  Stop Clipping Convergence: The Army Overlooks the Beard Domain at Its Peril
18. The Obstacles to Diplomacy in Ukraine
19. The Trouble With “the Global South”
20. Militant April

Korean News Content:

1. Kim Jong-un rejects unification out of fear of South Korea
2. <Investigation Inside N. Korea> A shocking situation...How are the neglected elderly faring? (1)  Poverty-stricken elderly people live off begging and wander the streets Fewer elderly people seen in public than before
3. Russia’s veto on North Korea sanctions watchdog sparks international criticism
4. Don’t Count Samsung Out in the AI Memory Stakes
5. N. Korea reaffirms plan to launch multiple spy satellites this year
6. S. Korea detects no signs of preparations in N. Korea for military parade
7. Police probe 2 military doctors for writing collective action guidelines
8. Outgoing U.S. 8th Army commander receives state medal for contribution to alliance
9. Defense Ministry launches AI research center
10. Why preparation for COVID-29 is imperative
11. Kim Jong Un building new university to train officials to support family’s rule
12. The New Security Challenges on the Korean Peninsula