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4/11/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 04/11/2024 - 10:24am

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National Security News Content:

1. ASD SO/LIC, USSOCOM and USCYBERCOM Senate Testimony 10 April 2024
2. Hamas May Not Have Enough Living Hostages for Cease-Fire Deal
3. Biden Aims to Project United Front Against China at White House Summit
4. Former top military officers push back on Trump immunity claim
5. Esper: Former military leaders should stay out of Trump immunity debate
6. Eggs, Ammo and Underwear: Inside Ukraine’s New Push Against Military Graft
7. The Very High Stakes of Failing to Help Ukraine
8. Moscow Uses Russian Orthodox Church as Covert Foreign Policy Tool in Ukraine and the West
9. US, Japan announce generational upgrade to alliance amid China threat
10. Xinhua Commentaries: “Exposing the Three Major Political Deficits of the U.S.”
11. The Other Russian Dissident Putting His Life on the Line
12. Army ‘feeling a lot better’ with recruiting this year, Wormuth says
13. United States-Japan Joint Leaders’ Statement | The White House
14. FACT SHEET: Japan Official Visit with State Dinner to the United States | The White House
15. Remarks by President Biden and Prime Minister Kishida Fumio of Japan in Joint Press Conference
16. House Lawmakers Strike Down FISA Renewal Measure
17. AUKUS Partners Focus on Indo-Pacific Security in Shaping Joint Capabilities
18. Assemble the Bodyguard of Lies: Strengthening US Military Deception Capabilities
19. Don’t Count on Us: Canada’s Military Unreadiness
20. Leadership, Culture, and the Military Cyber Workforce
21. Information warfare becoming a critical submarine capability: Aeschbach
22. Terrorists on the Rampage
23. Secretive US cyber force deployed 22 times to aid foreign governments
24. Risk, Rumors, and Reprisals: The Imagined Side of Professional Writing

Korean News Content:

1. Pattern of Collapse in North Korea by Robert Collins
2. South Korea’s Opposition Party Lands Major Legislative Victory
3. South Korea’s 2024 General Election: Results and Implications
4. Yoon suffers blow as leftist opposition scores big in South Korean elections
5. South Korea Opposition Sweep Spells Trouble For Yoon’s Agenda
6. Multifaceted approach to North Korea's missile threats
7. Ruling party's crushing defeat adds pressure on Yoon for change
8. N.K. leader vows to deal 'death-blow' to enemy in event of confrontation: KCNA
9. Footage reveals prominence of Hyon Song-wol, Kim Jong-un’s close aide
10. North Korea leader Kim Jong Un says now is time to be ready for war, KCNA says
11. A deep dive into N. Korea's recent claims about the Hwasong-16B
12. Ahead of Kim Il Sung's birthday, N. Korea intensifies anti-American education for youth
13. N. Korean defectors in Shenyang receive threatening calls from police
14. S. Korea plans trilateral summit with China and Japan in Seoul