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4/11/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 04/11/2022 - 9:03am

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National Security News Content:

2. A Shadow War Against Putin – How America Can Covertly Undermine the Kremlin
3. The Pentagon Must ‘Campaign’ Against China, Not Hope for a Goal-Line Stand
4. Production Of The V-22 Osprey Is Ending. The Pentagon Needs To Be Sure It Has Bought Enough.
5. A Message to NATO from an SAS Soldier
6. The wartime president: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy speaks with Scott Pelley in Kyiv
7. Ukraine's Zelenskiy says tens of thousands killed in Mariupol, seeks military aid from S.Korea
8. Desperate Ukraine tells U.S. 'bureaucracy' is no excuse for failing to provide critical weapons and ammunition
9. What weapons to send to Ukraine? How debate shifted from helmets to tanks.
10. Appraising the War in Ukraine and Likely Outcomes
11. The Jack Ryan career path: How veterans can join the CIA
12. War in Ukraine - April 11, 2022 | SOF News
13. Russian students are turning in teachers who don’t back the war
14. If you thought Russia was bad, just try China
15. Ukraine, Russia Gear Up for War’s Biggest Battles
16. East Ukraine focus of new Russian assaults
17. Russia may be winning the Ukraine information war outside the West
18. ‘It feels like the end of the world’: Taiwan civilians practise for war as Ukraine revives China fears
19. SASC lawmakers bemoan classification, lack of detail in Pentagon strategies, budget
20. The Far-Right Idealized the Russian Military. Ukraine Exposes All the Ways They’re Wrong.

Korean News Content:

1. Defense chief nominee says military without training has 'no reason to exist'
2. [Column] Suggestions for Yoon to build facts-based foreign policy
3. Zelensky tells Assembly Korea must do 'much more'
4. NATO seeks ‘sustained’ military exchanges, ‘substantive’ defense cooperation with S.Korea
5. USS Abraham Lincoln to be deployed near Korea this week: sources
6. Three North Koreans provide a glimpse of North Korea’s worsening economic situation
7. N. Korea launches sweeping reorganization of Workers’ Party ahead of Apr. 11
8. Lack of food leads to deaths from hunger in Sinuiju
9. Koreans set to get a year younger as Yoon seeks to ditch ‘Korean age’
10. Yoon agrees on importance of joint military exercises with U.S.: official
11. S.Korea to Launch Homegrown Spy Satellites
12. Toward diplomacy based on values and norms
13. Ukraine war: Seoul rejects Kyiv’s request for anti-aircraft weapons ahead of Zelensky’s speech to South Korean parliament